Fan outrage forces Rainbow 6 to reverse changes to violent and sexual imagery

Calum Patterson

The Rainbow Six Siege community have taken a small but meaningful victory against Ubisoft, after changes removing violent, sexual and gambling imagery were made to appease Asian (primarily Chinese) restrictions.

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The aesthetic changes were applied to the game globally, rather than regionally, essentially just to save the development team the effort of running two different versions of Rainbow 6.

It removed imagery such as skulls, blood splats, slot machines and even a stripper pole neon light fitting. Although only aesthetic changes, players were angry that the game they had bought was changed so drastically, only to comply with regulations of a country they didn’t live in.

Removal of ‘sexual imagery’ was part of the changes
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Posts about the changes on both the official Rainbow Six subreddit and the Games subreddit were met with waves of negativity, and it has prompted a quick change of mind on behalf of the devs.

On November 20, the development team acknowledged “player concerns”, and say they spent the last week deliberating, before ultimately deciding to revert the changes.

“We have been following the conversation with our community closely over the past couple of weeks, alongside regular discussions with our internal Ubisoft team, and we want to ensure that the experience for all our players, especially those that have been with us from the beginning, remains as true to the original artistic intent as possible.”

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The changes will be reversed along with the upcoming Wild Bastion update, which is already available on the test servers as of November 20.

The Wild Bastion update includes the new ‘Fortress’ map, a Moroccan map based on real, existing structures – it will be interesting to see if there is any violent, sexual or gambling related imagery on this new map.