Summit1G hit by 1G curse in reverse with worst PUBG death of all time

Published: 7/Nov/2020 19:46 Updated: 8/Nov/2020 12:35

by Alan Bernal


The curse of the 1G strikes back, as popular streamer Jaryd ‘summit1g’ Lazar can be seen laughing off an unfortunate in-game PUBG death that’s reminiscent of his infamous CSGO snafu.

The “1G curse” originated in 2016, when Summit was playing for Splyce at DreamHack Austin in a group stage elimination match against CLG. While the player managed to get the last kill to wrap-up the game, he accidentally perished stepping over a fire while on his way to defuse the undefended objective .

Thus a meme was born and the ‘summit 1G molotov’ incident was later enshrined as the Worst CS:GO Play of the Decade in an unofficial poll.

Unlike the original meme that was forged from the fires of failure many years ago, this time, the streamer took a plunge in PUBG’s rivers but wasn’t quite paying attention to the meter that tells him how long he has left to be underwater.

Avoiding the death traps on Sosnovka bridges on Erangel, Summit pivoted his team to the water below to safely make it to one of the last circles.

It wasn’t a bad idea either; going through the water would have let his team avoid bridge campers while also giving them moderate protection from squads looking toward the banks for stragglers.

He advised his team to go underwater which gives them a bit of a speed boost while swimming and lets them avoid getting attacked. Unfortunately, summit went a bit too deep for his own good.

Summit plunged to his death in PUBG trying to avoid pesky bridge campers.

Before he knew it, the streamer’s in-game character was out of breath and his HP bar was sinking before everyone’s very eyes, all while the realization of the epic collapse in judgement was starting to settle in.

Just like in 2016, when he forgot about his thrown molotov that ultimately killed him, this time he forgot to keep track of his underwater meter, cutting his PUBG match short.

The reverse-1G will keep the meme alive for now, seeing as it’s a humble reminder of the insane predicaments that summit can get himself into.


Fortnite devs respond to infinite loading screen bug in Season 5

Published: 3/Dec/2020 0:44

by Brad Norton


If you’ve been jumping into Fortnite Season 5 since the new update rolled around, there’s a good chance you’ve been hit with an infinite loading screen bug. Epic Games is already aware of the critical issue though, so here’s what you need to know.

On the back of a Marvel-centric season that concluded with the biggest in-game event to date, Fortnite Season 5 is finally upon us. Whether you’re checking out the newly revamped map, trying to unlock some Star Wars skins in the Battle Pass, or simply going hands-on with some new weapons, there’s plenty to see and do.

The beginning of a new season always sees a huge spike in interest. Veteran players are often drawn back to the title while newcomers jump in for the very first time. However, there’s a game-breaking bug in the latest update that could just turn you away.

Randomly between games, players have reported what seem to be endless loading screens. You can get caught in the never-ending state, requiring you to reboot the game and start from scratch.

Fortnite Season 5 loading screen
Epic Games
If you’ve noticed some extremely long load times in Season 5, you’re not alone.

“There is a bug where it stays on the loading screen forever and you have to restart Fortnite,” Reddit user ‘SirCrazyLionYT’ revealed. “This happens too many times to count.” Without warning, you could be trapped in a loading screen for a few minutes before realizing the issue.

For now, the problem only seems to occur on console. So if you’re playing on Xbox or PlayStation, you’ll need to be cautious moving forward. Many players have chimed in on the topic, however, having encountered the same frustrating bug.

Given just how common infinite loading screens are in Season 5, Epic is already on the case. “We’re investigating an issue that is causing players to experience long load times after completing a match on PlayStation and Xbox consoles,” the Fortnite Status account shared on December 2. 

In fact, it’s currently the top priority on Fortnite’s official Trello board. There’s no ETA just yet, but these types of bugs are usually dealt with rather quickly. Especially with more people dropping into Fortnite than usual, expect to see loading screens back to normal very soon.

While there’s no workaround for console players just yet, keep your eyes peeled as you transition in and out of games. It could trap you before a match starts, or it could strike after a successful run. There’s no way to prevent it at this point in time.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated as a hotfix is deployed to counter the game-breaking bug. In the meantime, your Fortnite session on console might just have you heading to the dashboard a handful of times.