Pokimane crushes stats for most popular female streamer on Twitch

Charlotte Colombo
pokimane top viewsTwitch: Pokimane

Pokimane has reigned as the Queen of Twitch for a while now, but new stats released by Streams Charts have shown just how astronomical her popularity really is, with their stats for the month of October making her an easy winner in terms of hours watched by viewers.

Pokimane, real name Imane Anys, has over 6.2 million followers on the platform, with her popularity showing no signs of slowing down. In an admirable move, she recently worked with Streamlabs to implement a $5 donation cap for her channel.

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In her November 2 announcement, she explained that given the support she has received over the last few years, she considers “anything more than that unnecessary”.

pokimane tweetTwitter: pokimanelol
It looks like the month of November involves a lot of firsts for Pokimane, as she recently introduced a 5$ donation limit.

Most popular female Twitch streamers

Given the recent statistics released by Stream Charts, it is clear that Pokimane isn’t overstating her popularity by any means, as she emerged a clear winner in the ‘Most Watched Female Twitch Channels’ chart for the month of October.

The results showed that in 31 days alone, Pokimane had amassed an unbelievable 3,525,502 hours watched, putting her way ahead of second-place streamer itsHafu, who raked in 1,824,200 hours watched throughout the month.

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However, when it came to airtime, Pokimane only ranked 5th on the list with 137.1 hours. The streamer who ranked first for airtime for the month of October was instead Amouranth, who streamed for an impressive 264.9 hours through the month.

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Given that Pokimane only streamed for approximately half that amount of time, the fact she still managed to amass over 3.5 million views is testament to the popularity of her streams.

But, when it comes to YouTube, there is a new streamer in town. According to YouTube Gaming, Valkyrae – who is known for her 100 Thieves content – has become the fastest-growing streamer “in the world”, in part thanks to Among Us content.

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valkyrae instaInstagram: Valkyrae
With her formidable following on YouTube, Valkyrae – real name Rachell Hofstetter – may well topple Pokimane’s status as the most popular female streamer in the future.

Viewers have peaked at 66,000 during her livestreams, as Among Us becomes by far the most popular game on YouTube, constantly filling up the trending page.

Pokimane also made history on October 2o after joining forces with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in an iconic moment for Twitch.

The US politician hosted a three and a half-hour game of ‘Among Us’ on the platform in order to encourage young people to vote. Viewership for the event peaked at 439,000.

Of all streamers, Hasan is currently leading the way at the start of November, thanks to his coverage of the US election.

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