PUBG forced to remove new vehicle from Patch #25

David Purcell

PUBG has announced that the Snowbike has been removed from the game’s latest update with immediate effect. 

The Snowbike survived just six days on the PC version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, after being added as part of the game’s 25th patch which went live on January 24. 

Its removal was revealed by the game’s social media support team, who say that it has now been pulled from active servers after causing several “critical” but unnamed gameplay issues. 

PUBGThe short-lived Snowbike from PUBG.

PUBG issued a statement to members of the game’s community who play on PC, apologizing for the sudden change. 

“Due to critical issues negatively impacting gameplay, we’ve made the difficult decision of removing the Snowbike from Update #25,” the statement reads. 

“The Snowbike won’t be added to live servers until these issues are resolved. We apologize for any disappointment caused.” 

Exact details surrounding the “critical” gameplay issues haven’t been revealed by the game’s developer at the time of writing. 

While you might not be able to find the Snowbike in PUBG anymore, it wasn’t the only new feature to be added to the PC version PUBG in the #25 patch. 

A brand new night mode was introduced, allowing players to battle under the moonlight, and a new submachine gun – the Bizon – is also now available to use.