Shroud receives PUBG ban for bizarre reason - "What's the point?" - Dexerto

Shroud receives PUBG ban for bizarre reason – “What’s the point?”

Published: 29/Jan/2019 10:16 Updated: 6/Oct/2020 17:16

by Calum Patterson


Popular streamer Michael ‘shroud‘ Grzesiek, best known for streaming PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), has been temporarily banned from the game’s test server – for a surprising reason.

Undoubtedly the most popular streamer and YouTuber with a focus on PUBG, even shroud is not above the game’s strict rules, and the developers appear to have come down hard on him for a minor transgression.

Having tried out the latest update to PUBG on the test server, shroud ran into an army of streamer snipers, who proceeded to follow him around the map and protect him from other enemy players.

This made for some hilarious moments on stream, but developers PUBG Corp. didn’t seem to see the funny side, and instead have handed shroud a temporary ban following the situation.

Thankfully for shroud, the ban is limited to the test server only, so he is still able to play the standard servers as normal.

After seeing his tweet showing that he had he been banned until February 4, fans were still unclear as to why exactly he had received punishment.

Shroud cleared everything up on stream though, explaining “remember when I was running around with like 40 stream snipers, and I told them to follow me? Yeh that was why. Which seems so pointless because they just banned me on the test server – like why?”

Only banned until February 4, shroud will be back on the test server in no time, but it is no doubt frustrating that he will be unable to try out the new night version of Vikendi and the new Bizon SMG – both of which are currently only available on the test server.

It’s not the first time shroud has received bans from PUBG for somewhat innocuous infractions, showing that the devs are not playing favorites with anyone, even for one of their biggest content creators, who even has his own skins in the game.


Twitch streamer confronts DoorDash driver after console war trash talk

Published: 24/Nov/2020 19:33 Updated: 24/Nov/2020 19:42

by Michael Gwilliam


Console wars are nothing new to video game enthusiasts. From schoolyard debates to forum threads 500 pages deep, console loyalists have fought tooth and nail since the dawn of time. Now, the battleground has shifted with even DoorDash drivers getting in on the action against customers.

During a Twitch broadcast, streamer Jameskii was playing Minecraft while waiting for DoorDash to deliver his order. Suddenly, he received a text message on his phone.

“Hold on, is my drink here?” he wondered as he grabbed his mobile device. “Oh my God! Oh my God!”

As the streamer stared down at his phone, he could hardly contain his disbelief at the message he received from the driver.

“My food delivery guy just messaged me ‘Xbox is trash as f**k,” he laughed. “I’m not kidding. My f**king DoorDash just messaged me. It says, ‘Hello, DoorDash has arrived with your order’ and the next message is ‘Xbox is trash as f**k.’”

As it turns out, the driver actually tried to call the streamer, but when Jameskii didn’t pick up, he felt the need to trash talk Xbox.

Despite all this confusion and the out of context attack on Microsoft’s console, Jameskii wondered if he should call the driver back.

“Say yeah, PlayStation is better, woo!” his friend suggested as the streamer began to redial the number.

Eventually, someone on the other end picked up. “Alright, what did you say about Xbox?” Jameskii asked point-blank.

After a few moments of silence, the driver doubled down on his earlier comment and shouted, “F**k Xbox!”

The remark had the streamer in stitches and made him burst out laughing at the absurdity of the whole situation.

While console wars have a long history dating beyond even the 90s when Nintendo and Sega duked it out, it’s unlikely that the phenomenon ever reached a point where delivery drivers partake. It just goes to show that we’re living in a strange timeline.