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PUBG PS4 released! | Vikendi gameplay & settings you need to change

Published: 7/Dec/2018 6:03 Updated: 7/Dec/2018 20:44

by Paul Cot


A year after the Xbox release, PUBG is finally available on the PS4! Here is everything you need to know for the launch, including gameplay video, maps, settings and more.

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PUBG PS4 Release

The game is ready to download and play right now! Further modes such as duo and FPP will become available when there are enough numbers playing the games to sustain these modes.

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PUBG PS4 Gameplay

Until today, PUBG PS4 gameplay videos had been almost non-existent. There are now some 720p live streams floating about but given the resolution it is difficult to obtain a full impression of the game.


Here is the pre-lobby in full 1080p. There are a couple of frame rate hiccups but overall it feels smooth enough. In comparison to PUBG Xbox it is either slightly better or at least equal to it.

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  PS4 PS4 Pro Xbox One Xbox One X
Resolution 1080p 1080p 1080p 4K
FPS 30 FPS 30 FPS 30 FPS 30 FPS
HDR No Yes Yes* Yes
Download Size 33GB 33GB 14.5GB 14.5GB

*Only on Xbox One S

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Three maps are available from the PS4 launch: Erangel, Miramar and Sanhok. These three are the maps currently available on PC and Xbox also. Vikendi, the upcoming snow map, is scheduled to be released in January.

  Erangel Miramar Sanhok Vikendi
Theme Grass Desert Jungle Snow
Location Russia Central/South America South-east Asia Adriatic Sea
Size (km) 8×8 8×8 4×4 6×6
Release Date Launch 12/12/17 (PC) 24/05/18 (Xbox) 22/06/18 (PC) 04/09/18 (Xbox) January

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PUBG Settings

For first time players checking the settings before you drop is very important.

Aim Sensitivity

Aim sensitives can be very different to other shooting games on console. Battlefield and COD (Blackout) uses aim assist. Therefore the aiming feels very different and consequently there is a learning curve attached to it.

The default aim assist values are on the slower side. Presumably this is intentional to get you used to the game. However, if you are used to playing with that aim mobility then we recommend increasing each of these.

The settings are broken down into various parts which are explained below. If you play with average sensitivity on Call of Duty then you’ll want to increase the defaults on PUBG.


  • General: Turning in general play
  • Over the shoulder: Sensitivity whilst hip-firing (explained more below)
  • 1x: Sensitivity whilst using a holographic, red dot or iron sight
  • 2x: Sensitivity whilst using a 2x scope
  • Further settings for 3x, 4x, 6x, 8x and 15x scopes
  • Aim acceleration: Increased sensitivity the longer you turn whilst aiming
  • Aim acceleration rate: The rate at which aim acceleration occurs

Hip-firing in COD is different to PUBG whereby you can slow the aim down by holding L2 (or L1). More information on this in the controller button preset below. We recommend increasing the sensitivities of the closer scopes more so than the long-range ones.

Controller Button Preset (COD Controls)

The default controller button preset in PUBG is set to type A. This results in you tapping L2 to aim down your scope (ADS). This isn’t what most gamers are used to. Initially, it was an issue on PUBG Xbox as there was no alternative. After lots of feedback, type B was introduced which lets you ADS by using the traditional method of holding L2.


  Type A (Default) Type B (COD)
ADS Tap L2, tap again stop ADS Hold L2
Hip-fire Hold L2 Hold L1

Finally, don’t change your sensitivities too frequently. Even if you have a suitable sensitivity for you, it will still take a little bit of time to get used to.

The settings menu for PUBG on the PS4…

Snow Map Vikendi

Vikendi will be coming to the PS4 (and Xbox) in January. Meanwhile for PC players it is available to play on PTS right now!

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