YouTuber wins Halloween with life-sized Pokemon robot and Ash cosplay

Pokemon JolteonYouTube: Dave's Armoury

A Pokemon superfan on YouTube has taken Halloween by storm, completing their Ash cosplay with a life-sized Jolteon robot.

YouTuber Dave’s Armoury uses robots in inventive and fun ways with his content, ranging from building LEGO art to giving the perfect massage.

To celebrate Halloween, he created a life-sized Pokemon robot for the electric Eeveelution.

Jolteon reigns from the very first generation and he explains it was the perfect monster to accompany him for the spooky season.

Life-sized robotic Jolteon

The YouTuber was very careful when considering the Pokemon he wanted to commit to. To begin, he wanted to choose from the original 151 Pokedex entries as this is the set Dave remembers most fondly.

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The basic idea surrounding the project was to create a 3D outer skin for the Quadrapedal robot. Therefore, it would have to have four legs.

“We weed out all the ones that don’t walk on four legs. Then we weed out all the ones that have really short stumpy legs. Finally, we’re left with only a few,” the content creator said.

Within the last few selections, Dave went with one of his favorite Pokemon: Jolteon.

The entire process took more effort than he expected, with just the 3D printing having taken around 200 hours.

For a more detailed explanation of the robot’s creation, check out the YouTuber’s full video below:

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Users have been sending messages of support to commend the creator.

“This is so incredible. It made my day. I can honestly say I didn’t expect to see a IRL robot of my favorite Pokémon today,” a viewer said, showing appreciation for Dave’s Armoury.

Indro Robotics, the people who lent Dave the robot, also commented.

“That may not have been why we loaned you Max the Robot Dog originally but that turned out so well,” they said.