YouTuber shocked as Pokemon cards from Costco show up with rare errors

Terry Oh
Pokemon Cards

Youtuber Nick ‘Pokerev’ hunted for Pokemon cards in his local Costco and got a surprise from the Pokemon Company. Due to a card printing mistake, the card collector ended with far more value than intended.

Pokemon cards are one of the most cherished mediums for experiencing the Pokemon franchise. Starting out with just a video game, the card game is one of the many reasons Pokemon has earned enough revenue to become the richest franchise on earth. 

And just like any other card game, certain cards, especially those with print errors, become worth boat loads.

Pokerev discovers card errors

Pokerev, a YouTuber with millions of subscribers, went out hunting for Pokemon cards at his local Costco. Pokerev came back with a bundle consisting of a Chilling Reign Elite Trainer Box and tins featuring Galarian Slowbro, Lucario, and Mew. 

In the box was a pack from the Fusion Strike installment. And to Pokerev’s surprise, it was an error pack.

Pokerev opened the pack at the 6:14 mark to see a reverse holo Magcargo, Qwilfish, Meloetta, Falinks, Snom, along with others. Pokerev came to the conclusion that the box contained an error pack.

For the uninitiated, an error card is a Pokemon card that looks normal, but has certain details that are printed incorrectly. In this context, an error pack is seen to be a booster pack with cards that are not packed as intended. The error seems to be in the fact that some of those reverse holos were supposed to be common printed cards, but the manufacturer packaged them wrong. 

This is even supported by the YouTuber himself. “Every single common in that pack was a reverse holo–for no reason,” said Pokerev at the end of that particular pull.

While getting an error pack is beyond rare, it can happen to anyone. Collectors are willing to pay a lot of money for these happy accidents. It is up to Pokerev and any other TCG player if the money is really worth giving up these items or not.

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