Pokemon trainer’s Lost Origins Booster bundle order goes incredibly wrong

Pokemon card shippingThe Pokemon Company

On September 20, a Pokemon card collector was shipped the wrong merchandise, a moment they shared with the Reddit community. But many of the other users expressed jealousy over the mistake, as the collection they received far outvalued the Lost Origins Booster Bundle.

The Pokemon TCG game is one of the franchise’s most popular mediums. Even if someone’s not into the game or anime, these cards provide an entry for many to appreciate the world’s richest creatures.

Whether enthusiasts are talking before or after today’s supply crisis, Pokemon Cards are a costly investment. These cards are even being used for money laundering, since they’re retained their value so well.

Reddit user ‘zebradYT’ has now shared his recent purchase of some valuable cards, which took the collector off guard.

Pokemon trainer receives Elite Trainer Boxes instead of Lost Origins booster bundles

Expecting Lost Origins booster bundles, the collector ended up receiving a box of not one, not two, but 10 Evolving Skies Elite Trainer Boxes. Evidently, as shown below, ZebradYT was not happy about this mix-up at first.

“Ordered 3 Lost Origins booster bundles, a check lane bundle, and a three-pack bundle, got five of the two different evolving skies elite trainer boxes instead,” they said, referring to the mix-up in their order.

“I emailed the store, I do not care for evolving skies and just want what I ordered instead. Hopefully, I can just send these back and get what I ordered instead,” ZebradYT said.

Contrarily, the community was quick to be showing jealousy over the collector’s luck.

“Got about $400 of product for about $100 sounds good to me,” a community member said in response to ZebradYT’s post.

Pokemon TCG packs of any format cost four to five dollars individually. The bundle packs the collector was looking at are often priced between $15-$20.

These Elite Trainer boxes cost up to $50. This Reddit user got 10 of these boxes for $100 total. Assuming someone paid $50 for one box, this collector got $500 worth of product for the price of one.