YouTuber Leonhart reveals verdict on Target’s new Pokemon card box: Ultimate Collection 9

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In a YouTube video uploaded on November 30, Leonhart opened a brand new Pokemon card box, exclusive to Target.

Opening a new pack of Pokemon cards is very easily a hit or miss. And in his recent YouTube video, content creator ‘Leonhart’ took a gamble by purchasing a couple boxes of Ultimate Collection 9, a Target exclusive haul.

Leonhart opens Ultimate collection 9

In preparation for the video, Leonhart spent $80, purchasing three boxes to test their value.

Leonhart reads out the box’s contents, which are displayed at the back of the packaging.

“This package is guaranteed to contain one Holofoil, one rare card, one TCG Pack, one 25th anniversary celebration pack, two oversized cards, one mystery card, and twenty sleeves,” he read out prior to opening up the box.

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The boxes ended up delivering on exactly what they said, providing the listed products. But to Leonhart’s concern, the packaging lacked any form of protection for the cards, which wobbled loosely around the box.

The YouTuber quickly gets to opening up packs, highlighting the noteworthy booster packs.

“Chilling Reign though, I do have some cards I’m missing from the set, so it’s always a good day when I’m opening up packs!” he states. This particular pack shows up in the second box as well.

On the bottom left of the screen, Leonhart keeps track of the value of the merchandise he pulled.

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Having spent $80 on the three boxes, he estimates $77 worth of merchandise from his purchase, which is not to be confused with the value of the pulls. “Just heads up, value of what’s in the box and what was pulled was supposed to be separate to keeps things easier organized; sorry!” he notified his viewers.

Most viewers are in the consensus that the boxes aren’t very worth it in regards to monetary value.

“I like the concept of the mystery boxes even though most times you wont get your money back. These may not have reached the mark as well but they seem to be way better made and more worth it compared to other mystery boxes I have seen,” one user commented.

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