Most valuable Pokemon cards you can pull in TCG Silver Tempest expansion

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Pokemon TCG fans have a wide spread of beautiful cards to collect in the Sword & Shield Silver Tempest expansion. Here are some of the most valuable Pokemon cards that can be found in the new set.

Pokemon TCG players have had a wealth of exciting Sword & Shield card lists throughout 2022. From the introduction of VSTAR cards in the Brilliant Stars expansion to the Trainer Gallery full art cards that have featured in the past several sets, every booster pack is a treasure trove.

This Pokemon TCG excitement has continued with the November release of Silver Tempest. While there is no Charizard card in the newest expansion, a spread of Supporter cards and Legendary features like Gen 2’s Lugia create a solid selection.

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Additionally, Silver Tempest includes the final burst of Trainer Gallery cards before the last Sword & Shield expansion, Crown Zenith, closes the Gen 8 era of the Pokemon TCG.

Below are the most valuable cards in the Silver Tempest expansion, and how to get them.

Most valuable Pokemon cards in the Silver Tempest TCG expansion

There are many ways to add Silver Tempest cards to a personal collection. The first would be to purchase the beautiful Silver Tempest Elite Trainer Box from The Pokemon Center online store or through TCGPlayer.

Fans can also snag a Booster Box or Booster packs. Silver Tempest does not have large collector boxes at the time of writing, but it is likely booster packs will feature in future collections.

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Additionally, the Silver Tempest set has some very valuable cards, ranging between just a few cents to over $200 USD on TCGPlayer. Below are the most valuable pulls in the Pokemon TCG Silver Tempest card list.

The most valuable Silver Tempest Pokemon Card

Currently, the most expansive Pokemon TCG card in the Silver Tempest expansion is the Lugia V Alternate Full Art.

The stunning card features a dark illustration of the Johto Legendary as it encounters a trainer in a boat, and is currently listed at over $200.

However, the price has nothing on its playability. The attack “Read the Wind” allows players to discard a card to draw three. This offers quick access to other cards and much-needed Energy.

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Additionally, the attack “Aero Dive” may take a moment to set up – requiring four Energy cards of any type – but it deals 130 points of damage and allows the user to discard Stadium cards. This is all achieved without a recoil or the need to discard Energy attached to Lugia. Adding the beast of a card to any competitive deck is definitely a value in and of itself.