Simple Pokemon Go Premier Ball rework is just what the game needs

Connor Knudsen
pokemon go premier ballThe Pokemon Company

Pokemon Go players have rallied behind the idea of reworking Premier Balls in the mobile game, with a simple proposal being lauded by the community. 

Pokemon Go has continued to capture the hearts of its millions of players more than five years since its release.

But, even with its overwhelming success, there are many that still believe its developers could be making improvements and fine-tuning some of the title’s quality of life aspects.

And one player has pinpointed a simple tweak that seems like a no-brainer for the future.

Pokemon Go Premier Ball rework

pokemon go Día de Muertos eventNiantic / The Pokemon Company
Pokemon Go’s Halloween event is right around the corner. How will you use your Premier Balls when it arrives?

Have you ever wrapped up a raid or a battle with Team Rocket and caught the prized Pokemon with just one or two Premier Balls, leaving several extras available?

One player has taken to the Pokemon Go subreddit to make a suggestion on how the game could better reward players for their early success in these situations.

The proposed rework would convert unused Premier Balls into Pokeballs for trainers to use to catch standard Pokemon, rather than having extras simply disappear after an encounter.

The Redditor posted: “Does anybody else kind of wish they’d convert any unused Premier Balls into regular PokeBalls for you? I always think that it’s such a waste; it’d make a nice reward for being able to catch the Pokemon with Premier Balls left over!”

This is a small fix that you’d be hard-pressed to find someone in opposition of. Who doesn’t want some extra Pokeballs for doing well on their raid encounter catch?

The post has picked up over 2,000 upvotes at the time of writing, surging up the subreddit.

Other comments simply suggested leaving them as Premier Balls and allowing players to have them to catch standard Pokemon with, as a way to diversify your Pokemon’s home.

It is unknown as to whether Niantic would ever make such a change. We’ve seen them make changes the community has asked for in the past, like their changing the distance it takes to engage with a gym, so it’s not out of the question.

With the Halloween event coming up and seasonal events taking place all the time, players may find themselves looking for the next fix very soon. But, for now, let us keep our Premier Balls!