Wild Pokemon Go glitch changes Cyndaquil encounters and it’s not PG

. 9 months ago
cyndaquil pokemon go
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A bizarre Pokemon Go glitch involving a wild Cyndaquil has done something many have never seen before, and one unlucky fan had to bear witness to its terrifying results.

Pokemon Go has produced some oddities in its time, ranging from rainbow Pikachus to haunting Skittys. Many visual bugs are not serious or game-breaking, and can actually be entertaining from time to time.

Typically, fans are able to either share in a moment of intrigue or make light of such glitches – screenshot, share with friends, the whole nine yards.

This glitch, on the other hand, is a little different from anything the community has seen before.

Cyndaquil glitch in Pokemon Go

cyndaquil pokemon go
Cyndaquil is a very popular Pokemon in PoGo.

One unfortunate player, likely excited at the prospect of catching a Cyndaquil and making progress towards a Typhlosion, stumbled upon a very weird scenario.

And, no, you are not seeing double. We all wish it were that simple.

For whatever reason, this bug caused the Pokemon and the trainer’s Poke balls to appear twice, putting the Pokemon in a bit of a precarious situation.

We won’t comment further on what this Cyndaquil was getting up to here, but it’s safe to say that this is something that Niantic definitely does not want players experiencing in their game.

One commenter on the post joked that maybe Cyndaquil is just using Double Team, but that’s certainly not the case. Another said: “They added breeding!”

This does appear to be a one-off issue, as there’s been no reporting that the glitch is widespread. Players are lucky that’s the case, lest we have millions of Bunnelby suddenly “spawning” all over the Pokemon Go world.

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