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Why Stunfisk is stronger than you think in Pokemon Go

Published: 3/Apr/2020 10:11 Updated: 3/Apr/2020 14:12

by Paul Cot


As part of the Tricky Pokemon event, Stunfisk has been introduced to the Pokemon Go world. On appearance it may look relatively ineffective, but it actually has a place in the Great League portion of GO Battle League.

The Trap Pokemon can be found in 5km eggs, field research task rewards and on occasion in the wild. Following the conclusion of the event on April 7, the Unova native will no longer be available in 5km eggs, though.


A lot of new species added to Pokemon Go have no place in the meta. After all, not all Pokemon can be effective otherwise they would simply cancel each other out.

Stunfisk Pokemon
Stunfisk was added to Pokemon Go as part of the Tricky Pokemon event…

Stunfisk in GO Battle League

With that said, Stunfisk could have a role to play. It is the only dual electric and ground-type Pokemon in the entire National Pokedex.


While this is an interesting combination of types, it doesn’t really offer too much other than its uniqueness. In a way its electric typing is diminished due to its weakness to water attacks.

With a max CP of 2,162, it is ruled out of having any chance of being a viable option in Ultra League. Elsewhere, Master League is an obvious write off.

There is a place for it in Great League, though. It has impressive stamina stats which is complimented by some decent defense. Unsurprisingly, its attack is poor which does limit it somewhat.


Both its Fast Moves – Mud Shot and Thundershock – are statistically identical. Both offer poor damage of 1.5 per turn but do have good energy generation at 4.5.

This is what gives Stunfisk a place in Great League, the ability to spam Charge Moves. The choice between the two is a toss up but it’s worth noting Mud Shot is super effective against more types.

There are three Charge Moves you can utilize – Discharge, Mud Bomb and Muddy Water. The latter is the weakest of three and doesn’t have the advantage of same-type attack bonus (STAB).


There are other two moves, Discharge and Mud Bomb, do have STAB. Both are similar in terms of damage although Discharge has slightly better damage per energy.

As a result it becomes another close call if only selecting one. We’d recommend running one electric and one ground-type move for each, if you’re not going to add a second Charge Move.


Raid Battles and Gym defender

While there might be a place in PvP for Stunfisk, there definitely isn’t in PvE. Its poor attack and low power Charge Moves means it is useless in Raid Battles.

There are obviously better gym defenders too, but it’s limited CP seals its status as having no use outside of GO Battle League.


Legendary Pokemon catch rates revealed for Sword & Shield Crown Tundra

Published: 18/Oct/2020 22:48

by Brent Koepp


New details have been revealed about Pokemon Sword & Shield’s upcoming DLC, The Crown Tundra. On October 17, Game Freak explained how obtaining Legendary monsters in Dynamax Adventures works, and what their catch-rates are.

The Pokemon franchise entered its eighth generation with the release of Sword & Shield in 2019. On October 22, the Nintendo Switch title is getting its second major DLC expansion, The Crown Tundra.


The add-on is bringing over 119 new monsters to Galar, including a whole host of Legendary creatures. However, according to a recent update by Game Freak, there is a limit as to how many times you can catch them.

pokemon crown tundra dynamax adventure
Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
Trainers can catch Legendary Pokemon in the new Dynamax Adventures mode.

Pokemon Crown Tundra catch rates

One of the major additions coming to Sword & Shield is Dynamax Adventures. The new feature is a spin on Raid dens, and will have players entering caves using rental Pokemon. In an October 17 episode of Pokenchi, Game Freak revealed how catching Legendary ‘mons will work in the mode.


According to popular Poke outlet Serebii, Legendary monsters can only be caught one time. However, it appears that Trainers that manage to beat the incredibly rare creatures in Dynamax Adventures will have a 100% catch rate. 

“The Legendary Pokémon fought in Dynamax Adventures in The Crown Tundra have a 100% chance of capture. You can only get each Legendary Pokémon once in Dynamax Adventure in The Crown Tundra,” the tweets explained.

The outlet also explained that players will have to beat four Max Raid battles in a row first before reaching the Legendary ‘mon. If that wasn’t challenging enough, HP damage and PP usage also carries over across all fights.


Even trickier is that players can’t bring their best Pokemon into the mode, and have to choose from a rental team. Although, while exploring the caves, you can catch new monsters who can then be used in battles.

pokemon crown tundra battle
Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
Legendary Pokemon have a 100% catch rate – if you can last long enough to beat it.

The big take away from the update is that Legendary monsters can only be caught once in the Crown Tundra. And while their catch rate is 100%, Game Freak will make players work for the encounter, as they have to beat five Dynamax battles in a row.

It is unclear at the time of writing how many rare creatures can be caught outside of the new mode, or whether the “one time” catch rule only applies to Dynamax Adventures. However, past games in the series have always had a similar limit.