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Landorus raid guide – Stats, counters, GBL use and how to earn as reward

Published: 2/Apr/2020 10:11 Updated: 2/Apr/2020 10:27

by Paul Cot


The last of the Forces of Nature has finally made its way to Pokemon Go. Landorus is available in five-star Raid Battles now.

It will feature until April 21, 1pm PDT (4pm EDT and 8pm BST). The Abundance Pokemon now joins Thundurus, Tornadus, Cobalion, Terrakion and Virizion as Gen 5 legends released in Pokemon Go.

Interestingly, it is only one of two dual flying and ground-types lines. The other is Gligar – and yes, that’s impressive if you already knew that.

Landorus Pokemon Go
Pokemon Fandom
Landorus is the final member of the Forces of Nature to be added to Pokemon Go…

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Landorus an exciting addition?

There wasn’t so much hype around Thundurus and Tornadus, and for good reason. Neither of them have the bulk to contribute to the Pokemon Go meta.


While we don’t expect Landorus to do the same either, it is definitely the strongest of the three. It has notably better defence and stamina stats, while only falling short in comparison to its fellow Forces of Nature in attack.

Its stats are as follows:

  • Attack 261 – 33 of 688
  • Defence 182 – 141 of 688
  • Stamina 205 – 132 of 688

If you’re able to catch Landorus without any boosts it will be at a maximum CP of 2,050. However, you can catch it up to 2,563 CP if the weather is sunny or windy.

Weavile Articuno Landorus Counter
Pokemon Fandom/Pokemon Company
Shadow Weavile and Shadow Articuno are arguably Landorus’ best counters…

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You need to look no further than ice-type moves to counter Landorus. It is also weak to water attacks, but is doubly so to ice.


With recent changes to how strong Shadow Pokemon are whereby their attack has been buffed, they are now viable Raid Battle options. Shadow Weavile and Shadow Articuno are two of the better options. They must utilize double ice-type moves, however.

Glaceon, Jynx and Mamoswine are other excellent options as they both have good ice-type moves at their disposal. Mewtwo is another good choice due to its excellent attacking stats. It may not have an ice-type Fast Move, but if you have Ice Beam as a Charge Move, you should definitely pick the Gen 1 legend.

Beartic, Kyogre, and Swampert, with their combination of water and ice-type moves, round off the other options. Landorus can be defeated with two trainers, but you’re looking at about four or five to be on the safe side.


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Any use in GO Battle League?

Those who are already enjoying GO Battle League will know the importance of bulk in the PvP mode. While it has more of that than Thundurus and Tornadus, it isn’t really enough to demand a slot in your team, in Ultra League at least.

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Its maximum CP of 3,588 does make it more a viable option for Master League but is still nothing to shout about. Also, its Therian Forme is expected to have much better attack, which means it may be worth saving that Stardust to get it to that CP.

Its performance is also dependent on which moves it has too – much like a lot of other Pokemon. With same-type attack bonus in play, Mud Shot is a must for its Fast Move. The other option is Rock Throw, which while more powerful, lacks the energy generation to be of any real use.


Rock Slide is Landorus’ quickest Charge Move to generate, which makes it appealing in its own right. Earth Power takes advantage of STAB, but does take 22% more energy generation than Rock Slide.

Elsewhere, the dragon-type move Outrage is another option. It has decent damage per energy, but is only super effective against dragon-type Pokemon.

It’s worth your time taking note of what works (and doesn’t) in GO Battle League as Landorus will sometimes appear as the reward for winning four of five matches in a given set.