Mega Salamence weaknesses & best counters in Pokemon Go

Mega Salamence in Pokemon GONiantic

Mega Salamence is finally making its Pokemon Go debut, so here are the weaknesses and best counters you need to know about to help you defeat it.

To celebrate the arrival of the Twinkling Fantasy event in Pokemon Go, the long-awaited Mega-Evolved version of Salamence will be appearing in Mega Raids from January 10 to January 18, 2023.

This pseudo-Legendary is already a firm fan-favorite in its regular form, so the addition of its Mega Evolution will make it even more desirable – especially as it’s set to be a top performer in Raid Battles.

Before you can add it to your team, though, you’ll need to defeat it. Here are Mega Salamence’s weaknesses and some of the best counters you can use to succeed in battle.

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Mega Salamence in Pokemon GoNiantic

Mega Salamence weaknesses in Pokemon Go

Mega Salamence is a dual Dragon/Flying-type Pokemon, which means it’s weak against Dragon, Fairy, Ice, and Rock-type attacks.

It’s worth pointing out that Mega Salamence actually has a 4x weakness to Ice-type attacks, so it’s definitely best to focus on those where possible.

As for Mega Salamence’s resistances, you’ll want to avoid using Bug, Grass, Ground, Fighting, Fire, and Water-type attacks as they won’t do much damage.

Mega Salamence counters in Pokemon Go

Here are some of the best counters for defeating Mega Salamence in Pokemon Go:

PokemonBest Moveset
Mega GlalieFrost Breath & Avalanche
Mega AbomasnowPowder Snow & Weather Ball
DialgaDragon Breath & Draco Meteor
RegiceFrost Breath & Blizzard
Galarian DarmanitanIce Fang & Avalanche
GlaceonFrost Breath & Avalanche
WeavileIce Shard & Avalanche
MamoswinePowder Snow & Avalanche
AvaluggIce Fang & Avalanche
WalreinFrost Breath & Icicle Spear

As you can see from the recommendations above, it’s best to focus on Ice-type Pokemon with Ice-type attacks, as they’ll be able to exploit Mega Salamence’s 4x weakness to Ice-type attacks.

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We would normally suggest avoiding Dragon-type Pokemon in this scenario as they’ll be weak to Mega Salamence’s Dragon-type attacks, but Dialga is an exception as it’s not weak to Dragon-type attacks.

How to get Mega Salamence in Pokemon Go

Just like every other Mega Evolution in Pokemon Go, you can’t catch Salamence in its Mega-Evolved form.

Instead, you need to stock up on Mega Energy by defeating multiple Mega Salamence in Raid Battles. When you’ve earned enough Mega Energy, you’ll be able to temporarily Mega-Evolve your Salamence.

The good news is that once you’ve Mega-Evolved a Salamence, it won’t cost you any more Mega Energy to do it again – you’ll just need to wait for the cooldown period to end before initiating the process again.

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