What are Double Rare cards? Pokemon TCG explained

Em Stonham
Magnezone ex Pokemon card with blurred background.

Understanding all the different Pokemon card rarities can take some time. Here’s a complete breakdown of Double Rares, including what they are and how to spot them.

The Scarlet & Violet era of the Pokemon TCG introduced a lot of changes, bringing in new rarities and altering how cards get classified during production. One rarity type that you’re sure to have seen when ripping packs is Double Rare.

Double Rares can be easily identified by their rarity symbol. It’s a black double star which can be seen in the bottom left-hand corner. Check out the image below for an example of where to find this symbol on a card.

Magnezone ex Pokemon card with diagram pointing out Double Rare symbol.
Example of the Double Rare symbol on Magnezone ex (065/198).

This rarity corresponds almost exactly to the ‘RR’ rarity in Japanese Pokemon cards, which are also called Double Rare cards.

Double Rare cards are essentially the Scarlet & Violet equivalent to the V variant cards (VSTAR, VMAX, etc.) from the Sword & Shield era. They are almost exclusively Pokemon ex and feature exciting designs that don’t fall into the full art category.

How can you spot a Double Rare card?

If you’ve just pulled a card and you’re unsure about what category it falls into, you can follow these simple steps to check:

  1. Are there two stars in the bottom left-hand corner? If there is only one star instead of two, you may be looking at a Rare or an Illustration Rare. You’re looking for two stars here.
  2. Is the double star symbol black? If you’re looking at white/silver stars, you likely have an Ultra Rare. If you’re looking at golden stars then you’ve got a Special Illustration Rare. Double black stars indicate a Double Rare.
  3. Does the card feature a Pokemon ex? If the card features an ex design and the rarity symbol lines up (along with the other card information, like card number and set symbol) then you should be looking at a Double Rare card.

It’s good to double check your card information, though, especially if you’re planning to get your cards graded or sell them on. We’d suggest using the official Pokemon TCG database and typing the card name in to get a summary of everything you need to know.

Double Rares aren’t the hardest rarity to find by any means, but they can still hold some value. If you do end up pulling one, pop it in a card sleeve and store it safely in a binder. These cards often feature fan-favorite ‘mons with dynamic designs, so they’re worth having as a collector.

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