Unexpected Pokemon type revealed as an underdog community favorite

Em Stonham
Alcremie Pokemon with sparkly background from anime.

Trying to pick the best Pokemon type is an impossible task. Whether you’re looking at types like Fire and Water or categories like Mythical and Legendary, there are too many choices for a clear winner to ever stand out from the crowd.

That doesn’t stop Pokemon fans from trying, though. Pokemon types and classifications have been a hot source of debate in the community ever since its inception, with fans of all generations defending their favorite types on every platform imaginable.

One surprising Pokemon type popped up as a community favorite in a fan debate on Reddit, kick-started by a player asking people what their favorite, underrated Pokemon were. Out of all the possible Pokemon categories in the franchise, many players opted for an Objectmon or two as their top pick.

Milcery, Drifloon, Vanillite, Klang, and Trubbish.
Examples of Objectmons – Milcery, Klang, Drifloon, Vanillite, and Trubbish.

Objectmon is a term coined by fans that refers to Pokemon which are designed to look like physical objects. Some examples of popular Objectmons can be seen above, with Drifloon and Trubbish being two of the most beloved in the community.

Many fans replied to the initial post with Objectmons as their Pokemon of choice. One noted that they loved the Klingklang line, saying, “I thought they are actually pretty cute, I don’t know what’s the gripe with the object Pokemon … let me indulge in escapism with cute object based Pokemon.”

Other Object-inspired Pokemon popped up in the thread alongside Klingklang. Another player queried, “Does Dhelmise count? Love its design and concept.”

The person behind the initial post agreed, “Dhelmise certainly counts! Dhelmise, in my opinion, in one of the cooler designs of modern Pokémon! It’s a huge ghost anchor! Or, huge seaweed on an anchor? Either way, very cool!”

One self-described “Huge Objectmon person and Gen 5 defender” mentioned the duo of Vanillite and Trubbish, affectionately referring to them as, “So f*****g silly”.

Amidst the Objectmon hype, other unpopular Pokemon were celebrated by their supporters – including the elemental monkey trio, Snover and Abomnasnow, Bruxish, and Charmeleon. Reasons for loving these critters ranged drastically from iconic Shiny palettes to sentimental in-game stories.

All in all, every Pokemon is undoubtedly someone’s favorite – even if it’s based on a keychain or a cup of tea. While Objectmons and sillier Pokemon designs will always have their critics, it’s safe to say that they’ll always have loyal supporters, too.

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