Twitch streamers hunting Shiny Pokemon for over 20 days reveal insane haul

nomeyy and jack have been streaming for almost a monthInstagram: Garchomp

Twitch streamers Nomeyy and her partner Jack have managed to acquire over 190 shiny Pokemon during a stream that has lasted over 21 days. 

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl were released on November 19, and fans of the game have been enjoying their time revisiting the Sinnoh region.

One of the most popular things to do in the game is to hunt for shiny Pokemon. These rare, alternate-colored Pokemon are highly sought after, and sometimes they can take quite some time to find due to their incredibly low spawn rates (depending on what method you use).

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Two creators that have showcased their love for the game are Twitch streamers Nomeyy and her partner, Jack, who has been streaming since the day of release and have acquired almost 200 alternate-color Pokemon so far.

Nomeyy and Jack’s Shiny Pokemon marathon

Unlike many other marathon streams on Twitch, Nomeyy and Jack didn’t start their stream motivated by the idea of getting thousands of subscribers. Instead, the couple has been powered by their sheer love for Pokemon and the urge to see how long they can stream.

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As of writing, they have been live for over 21 days, and have found almost 200 shiny monsters in the game.

The vast majority of their shiny Pokemon have been found by using the Pokeradar and ‘chain’ method, which means they encounter dozens of specific creatures until one spawns.

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This method does provide the highest odds, but that doesn’t mean it’s a quick and easy task. With the radar and a chain of 40, every encounter has a 1:99 chance of being the rare, alternate color.

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For reference, without doing anything special in-game, the odds of getting one of the rare monsters is 1:4096. Just like this randomly encountered Onix that Nomeyy found.

While they may not hold records for the world’s longest stream, their marathon is definitely noteworthy. While the couple switches out who’s live at what time, it’s no easy task to encounter the same Pokemon dozens, if not hundreds of times.

Nomeyy has gained over 18,000 followers on her Twitch channel thanks to her Pokemon gameplay, and Jack is no stranger to content creation either as he owns and runs the YouTube channel Nerdout!, with over 3.3 million subscribers.

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We’ll update this article with how many shiny Pokemon the couple caught when they finally decide to end the stream.