Trainers react to Pokemon Unite, where was Gen 4 remake?

Pokemon Company

The Pokemon Company’s big project announcement was a new MOBA game called Pokemon Unite. However, some trainers had got their hopes up for a Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remake or a Pokemon Let’s Go 2 game.

We knew a collaborative effort between The Pokemon Company (TPC) and Tencent Games was coming but still, the announcement took some fans by surprise. Despite the negative reception, the MOBA style game does look to bring something new to the Pokemon franchise.

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For the first time, there will be 5v5 real-time Pokemon battles that will drastically shake up the current turn-based dynamic. Already though, fans have let their feelings on the new game be known –  in fact, Pokemon Unite has already been breaking unwanted records.

One YouTuber commented that they believed they chose the wrong game to gives its own presentation. SnowShine Randomness said: “They should’ve revealed Snap 2 in this presents. At least that can be considered a big project.”

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Whether this outrage is due to the game itself or the disappointment of the new game not being what was hoped is hard to say. Of course, it’s inevitable that some fans will be put off by the idea of a Pokemon game that doesn’t follow the traditional formula.

Perhaps more notably, however, is the genuine concern of it being a pay-to-win MOBA game. After all, Pokemon Unite has already been dubbed as “free-to-start”.

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“I’ll give Pokemon Unite a chance, but “free to start” usually means [a] paywall to actually enjoy the game,” LizzyRed shared on Twitter. Her apprehension seems to summarize the whole Pokemon community right now.

Diamond Pearl RemakePokemon Company
What Pokemon fans were hoping to see…

Where was a Sinnoh remake/Let’s Go 2?

Of course, when a whole community believes that a Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remake or a second Let’s Go game is being announced, then a backlash is inevitable. The theme for the week in the lead up to the second Pokemon Presents was which of these games would be announced, not if.

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In fairness to TPC, the words “Gen 4 remake” or “Pokemon Let’s Go 2” haven’t been uttered by them – at least not in an official capacity. It did look like TPC teased a return to Sinnoh earlier this year, but it doesn’t look like 2020 will be that year.

Meanwhile, it seems to be too early for a Let’s Go sequel. The Saffron gym-leader, Sabrina, hinted another game in series will come in 2021 or 2022. If Nintendo were to skip another mainline Pokemon game this year, that timeline would certainly make sense.

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It’s clear fans are salivating at the chance to replay Pokemon Diamond and Pearl in glorious HD, but they might have to wait a little longer than initially expected.

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