Pokemon Unite is breaking records for all the wrong reasons

Pokemon Company

Pokemon Unite has been announced but trainers are seemingly less than happy with it. The trailer is already getting record breaking dislikes on YouTube.

It has been several hours since the premier of Pokemon Unite was revealed and it, astonishingly, already has more than 129,000 dislikes. To put that number in perspective, that is nearly 10% of all views on the video.

Meanwhile, the Pokemon Unite trailer has 424,000 with 45,000 dislikes – again a massive 10% dislike ratio to views. This particular video has three times more dislikes than likes, too.

There were some trainers who claimed that The Pokemon Company even reuploaded the trailer due to the dislikes. However, in fairness, it does appear that this reupload was simply the UK version of the trailer. It isn’t clear why but having a separate identical video for the UK is something The Pokemon Company regularly do.

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National Pokedex fall-out all over again

The Pokemon Company are no strangers to negative press. They may have arguably the most successful media franchise of all time but even the masters get it wrong from time to time.

The last big fall-out came from the Nintendo Treehouse video from E3 2019. During the 31 minute video, where Pokemon Sword and Shield was showcased, it was revealed that the new Gen 8 games wouldn’t have a National Pokedex.

It’s an understatement to say this news didn’t go down well. The video received 89,000 dislikes over more than 1.8 million views. It was one of the biggest talking points in the lead up to the Pokemon Sword and Shield release and even resulted in some fans boycotting the Nintendo Switch release.

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In spite of this, Sword and Shield went on to be a commercial hit. It wouldn’t be a surprise if Pokemon Unite went on to do the same – it probably will – but the Western audience hasn’t taken to it so far.

With Tencent, the developers of Pokemon Unite, being a Chinese company though, it looks the new MOBA game will be aimed at getting Pokemon ‘over’ in China. After all, MOBA games are incredibly successful over there.

A release date for Pokemon Unite has yet to be announced and will be playable on both the Nintendo Switch and mobile devices.

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