Did the Pokemon Company tease a Diamond and Pearl remake?

Paul Cot

It looks like the Pokemon Company may have just teased a Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remake. Is a second trip to the Sinnoh region finally on the cards?

April 22 marked the anniversary of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl being released in North America. The official Pokemon Twitter account took the opportunity to pay homage to the Gen 4 game.

There is nothing unusual about this. Various Twitter accounts, including Pokemon themselves, frequently take the opportunity to celebrate the ‘birthdays’ of their games. What has piqued fans interest though, is some interesting wording they decided to use within the tweet.

Subtle tweet

Given the context of the tweet the pre-text of “Confirmed:” doesn’t really seem to fit. It seems to be thrown in there to hint at something else or even just get trainers speculating.

This wasn’t missed on one particular trainer, @enterzalman, who replied: “Putting “Confirmed” and “Sinnoh” in the same tweet is pure evil.” You’re absolutely right Zalman, if there’s nothing to it, it does seem quite cruel.

The end of the tweet also seems like a subtle tease, too. The winking smiley could be interpreted as ‘we know something’ but is also inconspicuous enough to fly under the radar.

Many of you may read this and think there’s nothing to it, and you could well be right. There are many who feel it does, however, and only time will tell which group is correct.

To release in 2020?

Much has been made of what Pokemon game will release in 2020. A new game had been a given until the Pokemon Sword and Shield expansion pass was announced.

This led many to accept the possibility that these would replace a brand new game for 2020. It may still yet and a lot of trainers don’t have a problem with that.

With this tweet though, some are starting to believe a Sinnoh remake could come this year. Diamond and Pearl are still revered to this day, so if the Pokemon Company do go and announce a Gen 4 remaster it’s safe to say Pokemon fans will be thrilled.

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