The Pokemon Company announces 2023 Standard Format TCG Rotation

Pokemon TCG Scarlet Violet 2023 RotationThe Pokemon Company

Pokemon TCG players can now look at the upcoming 2023 rotation, which will help them transition into the Scarlet & Violet area of the competitive TCG scene, opening new opportunities for fresh strategy.

In recent years, Pokemon TCG fans have battled it out with decks featuring V, VMAX, and VSTAR cards. These strategies have been a part of both casual and competitive play, with players landing powerful blows when once they have set up their selected Gen 8 companions.

However, it is time to set down the super-sized strategies for new gameplay formats that will be used alongside the Scarlet & Violet expansions. The new Gen 9 series will begin releasing in 2023 and offer a range of new ways to prepare and use the Pokemon TCG.

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Thankfully, there is good news in an update from The Pokemon Company, which explains that players prepping for competitive matches won’t be forced to use only cards from the new Scarlet & Violet expansion.

Pokemon TCG Standard Format for 2023

The official Pokemon TCG Twitter account has announced more information about the 2023 format is in the works.

As a follow-up to the Twitter post, The Pokemon Company has released an update on the official website detailing what will be expected in the 2023 year. They have stated, “cards with the “D” regulation mark will no longer be legal for play in the 2023 Standard format. Cards with “E” and “F” regulation marks will be legal to use (as will any future regulation marks that may be released). A card’s legality status is no longer based on which expansion it’s from.”

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This is exciting news for Pokemon TCG fans who enjoyed cards from the Sword & Shield expansions, as many will still be useable in competitive 2023 decks.

When will the 2023 Standard Format start?

It has also been announced that the 2023 Standard Rotation will begin April 14, 2023, for in-person play and March 20, 2023, for online play.

Additionally, the Pokemon Company has confirmed that the Expanded Format will remain unchanged, with the exception of the currently listed banned cards.

It will also be important to note that the Pokemon Tool trainer cards will become their own category of Trainer card, and will have new rules and restrictions. This will offer players a total of four different Trainer cards: Tool, Supporter, Item, and Stadium.

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With all of these changes planned for the Pokemon TCG, fans will have plenty to read up on and practice as the Scarlet & Violet expansion starts to roll out. Hopefully, it will be the perfect way to add new challenges to the well-loved card game.