Strange Pokemon Go glitch gives Zapdos a better Shiny version

Philip Trahan
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A strange glitch in Pokemon Go gave one player an icy-blue textured Zapdos, and Pokemon fans think it’s a better shiny variant than the original.

Pokemon Go has its fair share of glitches, from invisible Alolan Sandshrew to Shadow Swinub’s with erratic models and textures.

However, sometimes these glitches can result in some pretty interesting theory crafting on the part of the community.

Now, one player posted a glitched icy-blue Zapdos they captured and trainers are saying it would make an excellent Regional variant or even just a better shiny version than the original.

Strange Pokemon Go Zapdos glitch

The glitch came from Reddit user ‘Lunlimited‘ who posted to the Pokemon Go subreddit about a ‘Blue Zapdos’ they captured.

They explained that they “Got this glitch when Raiding. Stayed through to the catch and the bag, [but] haven’t brought myself to close the app as I’m sure it’ll go back to normal if I do.”

The glitched Zapdos’ color scheme looks pretty amazing, with an almost aurora-like quality to the blue and teal color gradient across its body.

Zapdos is the best Legendary Bird to catch in Pokemon Go
Zapdos is a very valuable Pokemon to have in Pokemon Go, especially when it’s a one-of-a-kind Blue Zapdos.

While it’s clearly a glitch resulting in the altered color scheme, many players fell in love with this Blue Zapdos.

Users like ‘-Graves‘ commented saying, “What the shiny should’ve looked like,” while others like ‘Cleinden‘ said “…this would actually make a cool regional form for an Ice-type Zapdos.”

For those who don’t know, Zapdos’ shiny version is far from the best shiny Pokemon available in Pokemon Go, as it’s essentially just a slightly darker shade of yellow than the original.

Unfortunately, Lunlimited confirmed that their Blue Zapdos eventually reverted to its standard Yellow color scheme “after about an hour” of making the post.

Their fellow Reddit users graciously left ‘F’s to pay their respects to the disappearance of this unique Blue Zapdos.

This isn’t the first time Pokemon trainers were inspired by strange Pokemon Go glitches, but it’s hard to deny an Ice-type Zapdos variant or even just a cool Blue Zapdos would make for a better shiny than what fans have now.

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