Bizarre Pokemon Go glitch is making “MissingNo” appear & players love it

missingno pokemon goReddit: u/fediaFedia

A crazy Pokemon Go graphical bug is causing ‘mon to warp into a MissingNo-like form, with players calling for the famous 1998 glitch to finally be added into the series for real.

Picture this: it’s 1998 and you’re playing Red or Blue on Game Boy. You’re surfing by Cinnabar Island when a wild ‘mon suddenly appears! …except it’s not a monster, it’s a bundle of pixels.

Over two decades later, MissingNo has become a legacy amongst fans, right alongside the rumor that Mew was hidden under the truck by the S.S. Anne. And now, a bizarre Pokemon Go bug is causing much nostalgia for the glitch, with many wanting the pixelated form to become an official Pokemon.

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missingno in pokemon red and blueGame Freak / Nintendo
Nintendo warned players not to replicate the glitch as it could potentially ruin games.

“MissingNo” is in Pokemon Go

Reddit user u/Raaadley shared their encounter with the glitch in the Pokemon Go subreddit. Captioned “Who’s that Pokemon?!”, their screenshot showed a rather odd-looking Shadow Swinub.

Instantly, comments came pouring in from amused fans. “MissingNub,” one wrote. “Missingno? Is that you? YOU’VE COME BACK!?!?!” joked another.

There were also a lot of references to Minecraft, with one player simply writing, “Swinecraft.” Absolute genius.

This isn’t the first time Pokemon Go players have encountered the bug. Similar occurrences have been happening in 2021, with some fans even calling for the glitch ‘mon to be added to the series officially.

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But with over two decades since it was last seen in the series (not counting the Nintendo 3DS re-releases of Red & Blue), it’s unlikely that this will ever come to fruition.

For now, MissingNo lives on unofficially through unintentional graphical errors in Pokemon Go.

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