Bizarre Pokemon Go glitch gives Slugma a new Shiny form & players love it

shiny slugma glitch pokemon goNiantic / The Pokemon Company

An odd glitch in Pokemon Go is changing Slugma’s color into a new “Shiny” form and some trainers actually prefer it to the real one.

Pokemon Go’s Mountains of Power event kicked off on January 7, 2022 in the hit mobile app. It brought Mega Aerodactyl with it, alongside the debut of Shiny Slugma.

The rare variant of the Fire-type is usually silver, but a weird bug caused it to be a completely different color for one player and trainers are loving it.

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New “Shiny Slugma” form in Pokemon Go

The glitch was first posted to the Pokemon Go subreddit on January 8 by user ‘Liidero‘. Titled “Everyone’s posting about their shundo slugmas but I think I caught the rarest one,” the post showed something weird going on with their ‘mon.

In the screenshot, the player had encountered a Slugma in the wild and was on the catching screen. But instead of its usual red color, the monster was a very dark, almost black, shade, akin to actual molten rock from a volcano.

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This is very fitting for the Gen II Fire-type, and other trainers thought so too as the comment section quickly blew up with people falling in love with it.

shiny slugma glitchReddit: u/Liidero
The glitch turned Slugma into a new form.

“Ah yes my favorite Pokémon Burntma,” one wrote. “Homie got splashed with water,” another joked.

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Others asked if it was actually real, and we can’t blame them – it does look very convincing. “Cool! Do u know if it’s permanent?”

Unfortunately, it is not a real form and is just a graphical error. Liidero confirmed that after closing and reopening their game, the Slugma’s color returned to its normal red.

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This isn’t the first time a crazy glitch has happened in Pokemon Go. From  PokeStops literally stealing Pokemon and Wobbuffet being downright rude, the app’s had plenty.

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