Scizor and Scyther revealed in Pokemon Unite: Moves, stats, release date, guide, build

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Scizor and Scyther have finally gone live in Pokemon Unite, with the iconic Pokemon joining the game’s roster at the end of September. Here’s everything you need to know about Scizor and Scyther in the MOBA, including their moves, stats, and how to build them.

The latest three upcoming Pokemon for Pokemon Unite all hail from the older generations of the franchise, and Scizor and Scyther hail from Generation II and Generation I respectively.

While Scizor is a Bug/Steel-type, while Scyther is Bug/Flying-type. Scizor is the evolution of Scyther, but both will be playable in Pokemon Unite. For those unaware, both evolutions have separate stats and slightly varying play styles. Therefore, players must be decisive when choosing between the two.

Here is everything to know about Scyther and Scizor in Pokemon Unite.

Scizor attacking an enemy in Pokemon UniteYouTube: Pokemon Unite
Both Scizor and Scyther have separate stats.


Scizor & Scyther release date

Scizor & Scyther arrived on September 28, 2022. It’s the third Pokemon promoted during the first year anniversary celebrations, following the release of Mew and Dodrio.

There are more Pokemon slated to drop in the near future. Sableye, Clefable, and Zoroark have been teased and revealed as future playable releases.

Pokemon Unite Scizor & Scyther stats

At the beginning of the game, every player starts off as Scyther. But upon reaching level five, players have the option to either remain as Scyther for the remainder of the game or evolve into Scizor.

The game provides players a choice: learn Bullet Punch or Dual Wingbeat. Bullet Punch corresponds with Scizor, and Dual Wingbeat corresponds with Scyther.

Scizor and Scyther, as previously mentioned have separate stats. It’s still unclear as to how exactly this will work, but it’s speculated players will have the option to choose one of the two evolutions to play as.

It appears Scyther has a substantially stronger base attack scaling, while Scizor boasts higher defense, HP, and special defense. Therefore, players would be choosing between playing as a glass cannon or going for more balanced stats across the board.

Pokemon Unite Scyther StatsScyther stats courtesy of ElChicoEevee.
Pokemon Unite Scizor StatsScizor stats courtesy of ElChicoEevee.

Pokemon Unite Scizor & Scyther moves

The new Pokemon plays as an all-rounder who utilizes its fast speed and moves to shred through the enemy.

And as previously mentioned, the game provides players a choice: learn Bullet Punch or Dual Wingbeat. Bullet Punch corresponds with Scizor, and Dual Wingbeat corresponds with Scyther.

In addition, with every third attack, Scizor decreases the enemy’s movement speed while buffing its defenses as well — while Scyther’s third attacks increase its own movement speed instead. These are notable differences when considering which evolution to play as.

For its active moves, Scizor plays rather similarly to Lucario. In essence, it dashes around quite a lot, while also happening to have access to Quick Attack early on.

Pokemon Unite ScizorPokemon
Scizor plays similarly to Lucario and Tsareena in Pokemon Unite.

Best Scizor Moveset

  • Bullet Punch
  • Sword Dance

Best Scyther Moveset

  • Dual Wingbeat
  • Double Hit

These are the best moves for each specific evolution. Each move ties into one another quite well, and as of September 28, players really shouldn’t mix and match the move set. They seem to be tailor-made for a specific evolution-specific combo.

Pokemon Unite Scizor’s move set relies heavily on Bullet Punch to stack up Sword Dance‘s passive procs. In essence, because Bullet Punch throws multiple hits, each hit counts towards Sword Dance’s attack gauge. Max the gauge out to unleash a powerful strike, which can decimate low-health enemies.

As for Pokemon Unite Scyther’s move set, Dual Wingbeat and Double Hit both grant Scyther great mobility. In this specific form, Scyther plays eerily similar to old-school Zeraora, before it got nerfed to the ground. Bounce and dash around to assassinate squishy targets.

Which is better?

When comparing the two, Scizor and Scyther, directly as of September 28, 2022, Scyther appears to be stronger in the meta. During its initial release, Scizor is relatively buggy and Scyther’s burst damage and mobility generally outweigh Scizor’s durability.

Pokemon Unite Scizor and Scyther build

The held items for both Scizor and Scyther are relatively similar. Of course, they can be catered to each individual players, but the recommended Held Items have great significance and should therefore be considered in almost every Scizor and Scyther build.

Pokemon Unite ScytherThe Pokemon Company
During their initial debut, Scyther is the stronger of the two evolutions.

Recommended Held Items

  • Muscle Band
  • Razor Claw
  • Attack Weight

Alternative Held Items

  • Attack Weight
  • Weakness Policy
  • Focus Band
  • Scope Lens
  • Float Stone

Muscle Band and Razor Claw are absolute musts on both Scyther and Scizor. These items help the Pokemon deal its physical damage, and are generally great items for Pokemon of similar roles.

As for Attack Weight, this one is a bit more niche, since it requires scoring rather often to make great use of the item. But for those who understand how to use the item, it’s great for helping mostly Scyther scale into a hyper-carry monster. Scizor can use the held item too, but Scyther is generally faster, therefore it is easier for it to score frequently.

Recommended Battle Items

  • Eject Button
  • X-Speed
  • X-Attack

These Battle Items are rather standard on a damage-reliant Pokemon. Eject Button works particularly well on Scyther, since it is squishier than Scizor and likes to jump around the map.