Dodrio revealed in Pokemon Unite: Moves, stats, release date, build, guide

Pokemon Unite DodrioPokemon / TiMi Studio Group

Dodrio has been officially released on Pokemon Unite. Though the Pokemon definitely isn’t in the best position, there may be some people who want to pick the new pick up and try the bird out. Here’s everything to know about Dodrio in Pokemon Unite.

The latest three upcoming Pokemon to arrive in Pokemon Unite all hail from the older generations of the franchise, one of which is Dodrio, a ‘mon that appeared way back in Generation I.

As a Normal and Flying-type Pokemon, Dodrio is the first Speedster in Pokemon Unite added to the game since their initial roster’s release. Unfortunately, though the Pokemon’s design is cool, the pick itself is currently very weak.

Let’s find out everything we everything currently know about Dodrio in Pokemon Unite so far.

Dodrio in Pokemon UniteTiMi Studio Group
Dodrio will arrive in Pokemon Unite very soon.


When did Dodrio release for Pokemon Unite?

Dodrio arrived on Pokemon Unite on September 14, 2022, following the release of Mew, according to a tweet released by the official Pokemon Unite page on August 25, 2022.

Pokemon Unite Dodrio stats details

The normal and flying type Pokemon requires an evolution to reach its full stats, evolving at level 5. Dodrio is the only Pokemon who scores multiple times in succession corresponding with its number of heads. In essence, in its Doduo form, it scores twice, and when it becomes Dodrio, it scores thrice.

This makes it one of the easiest pokemon to score points on, since it doesn’t have to get through the entirety of its scoring animation to successfully dunk.

Dodrio can only be purchased with Aeos Gems during its initial release.

Stats datamined by ElChicoEevee

Dodrio’s moves in Pokemon Unite

Dodrio seems to play very much around its speed in Pokemon Unite. Its passive allows it to gain movement speed as it continues moving, with the next hit when fully stacked dealing extra damage.

There are two primarily methods of playing Dodrio: an attack carry or a scorer. Depending on which method of play you’re looking towards, the builds differ as well.

Best Moves

  • Tri-attack
  • Agility

Notice Agility is used in both builds. As of September 15, Agility is better than its alternative: Jump Kick. This is because Agility provides more of a burst in speed, which serves essential to playing Dodrio. The mobility allows for better positioning, and the extra added boost to its boost gauge increases Dodrio’s damage as well.

Tri-attack seems objectively better than Drill Peck. Drill Peck requires Dodrio to stand still, which is a detriment for any speedster. Therefore, take Tri-attack, which synergizes quite well with Agility to maximize walking speed.

Pokemon Unite DodrioPokemon
Dodrio is a very fast Pokemon.

Dodrio build in Pokemon Unite: Best items

The items for Dodrio will either prioritize damage or scoring, as mentioned before. Dodrio is the only Pokemon who splits up its scores. In essence, since it has three heads, it divides the scoring into three — making for easier scoring than any other Pokemon in the game.

Capitalizing purely on this mechanic helps Dodrio keep up with the other picks in the game.

Here are the recommended builds:

Score-Oriented Held Items

  • Score Shield
  • Attack Weight
  • Float Stone

Score-Oriented Battle Item

  • Goal-Getter
  • X-Speed

This specific build prioritizes scoring. For this build, Float Stone is pretty necessary. The item has gained some prevalence in the meta, especially when combined with the emblem system as well. If looking to switch out a Held Item, probably switch out Score Shield and opt for Razor Claw or Scope Lens instead.

As for the battle items, Goal-Getter is an obvious choice. When trying to score lots, Goal-Getter can only help. And for X-Speed, the item generally works great on Dodrio, since its very reliant on walking fast.

Damage Build Held Items

  • Muscle Band
  • Focus Lens
  • Razor Claw

Damage Build Battle Item

  • X-Speed
  • X-Attack

Damage Dodrio isn’t very good, but it still works. It can make use of every conventional physical damage held item, hence the inclusion of the critical strike held items. But it can still make good use of Float Stone as well, so don’t be shy to switch out Focus Lens for Float Stone.

As for the Battle Items, take X-Speed for the most part. X-Attack is a good item to increase damage, but more often than not Dodrio will benefit more from the extra movement speed over the extra attack stats.