Sableye revealed in Pokemon Unite: Moves, stats, release date

Terry Oh
Pokemon Unite Sableye

Data miners discovered yet another Pokemon Unite new pokemon: Sableeye. Following many other recent additions to Pokemon Unite, a new character offers new moves, playstyles, and meta changes for fans to enjoy.

It’s been revealed that Sableye, the brand new addition to the game, will be a special attacker. This pokemon hails from the third generation, debuting in Pokemon Saphire and Ruby. Since the pokemon was revealed, Pokemon Unite Sableye’s moveset alongside gameplay has also been shared online.

Here is everything currently known about the new Pokemon Unite character.


Pokemon Uanite Sableye Release date

According to their official Twitter account, Pokemon Unite Sableye releases on November 16. This is around three weeks after Zoroark’s release. If the developers remain consistent with their recent new Pokemon launches, Zableye very well may only be available to purchase with Aoes Gems during the first week or so.

Sableye stats

These stats were datamined by ElChicoEevee. And though they’ve proven accurately nearly every time for these leaks, the information should be taken with a grain of salt. The stats, alongside moves, have not been officially revealed by The Pokemon Company.

Judging from the stats, this pokemon deals primarily physical damage. Many are speculating the pokemon to be a support type.

Pokemon Unite Sableye Moves

As with the stats, these moves have been datamined by ElChicoEevee. It has access to these moves: Astonish, Feint Attack, Shadow Sneak, Thief, Knock Off, and Confuse Ray. Check the description of the moves in the link below.

Sableye’s moves prioritize immobilizing the enemy, thereby creating opportunities for its team to follow up. It also has access to a stealth mechanic, which allows Sableye to turn invisible. This will play a large role in the Pokemon’s play style.

Expect this page to receive updates as more information officially reveals.

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