New Pokemon Unite leak reveals Mew, Scizor, Dodrio all on the way soon

Terry Oh
Pokemon Unite New Pokemon

Pokemon Unite Data mines and leaks revealed three new Pokemon joining the roster of playable picks: Mew, Scizor, and Dodrio. These will likely release closely in proximity, standing as the next three of the teased anniversary pokemon releases.

In celebration of the 1 year anniversary of Pokemon Unite, Timi Studios announced they were releasing six new Pokemon. And with Tyranitar, Buzzwole, and Glaceon having released, the next new Pokemon are looming above the horizon.

Though no official announcement has been made just yet, data miners and leakers are on the move — revealing the next three Pokemon early. They discovered images for the new Pokemon Unite additions: Mew, Scizor, and Dodrio.

The leaks were first publicized by Krashy on YouTube — but since these are not official reveals, take the information with a grain of salt.

Of the three, Mew has the most direct evidence for release. The Pokemon has an emblem art, battle pass skin, and data mined move set, while the other two have only had their splash arts discovered thus far.

New Battle Pass Leaked

Mew seems to be the first new Pokemon to release — since its holowear already leaked as a Battle Pass reward.

The current battle pass expires on September 2, and typically the next battle pass launches immediately after. Thereby the Pokemon Unite Mew release date stands on a speculated September 2, assuming the next battle pass will launch immediately after the prior expires.

Per usual, the battle pass provides missions to unlock exclusive rewards alongside the general in-game currencies. But to unlock the cosmetics, players must purchase the battle pass using Aoes Gems, which cost real life money.