Zoroark revealed for Pokemon Unite: moves, stats, guide, more

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Zoroark is the new Pokemon for Pokemon Unite, having released on October 27. Here is everything currently known about the new Pokemon Unite character, including the best build and a general guide on how to play the Pokemon.

Introduced in generation V, Zoroark is a Dark-type Pokemon that can create illusions that are indistinguishable from reality.

Pokemon Unite developers teased Zoroark a bit after they revealed Clefable. The pokemon was originally avaiable during public beta testings, but is now available for all players. Unfortunately, Zoroark can only be purchased with Aoes Gems until November 2.

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pokemon unite zoroarkZorua evolves into Zoroark at level 5


Zoroark release date for Pokemon Unite

Zoroark released in Pokemon Unite on October 27, 2022, a couple weeks after the release of Clefable. The game appears to receive a steady stream of releases through the year, with more coming in the next couple of months.

During the first week of release, it is only purchasable with Aoes Gems, costing 1381 gems with the Costeume Party Style. But after the first week, starting on November 2, Zoroark will be earnable for free to play players as well.

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Keep an eye on the horizon, since it’s only a matter of time until more Pokemon are teased by either data miners or TiMi themselves.

Pokemon Unite Zoroark stats

These stats are taken from ElChicoEevee’s data mining, and were confirmed once the Pokemon officially released.

A quick look shows Zoroark’s attack is far higher than its special attack, thereby it primarily deals physical attack. Zoroark’s movement speed is fixed.

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Pokemon Unite ZoroarkTwitter; ElchicoEevee

Pokemon Unite Zoroark moves

Zoroark’s play style seems unique, allowing it to transform into another Pokemon with its passive, Illusion. This mechanic confuses the enemy, playing similarly to League of Legends’ Neeko.

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As for the rest of its moves, it has access to Night Slash and Shadow Claw, which generally prioritize melee damage. Their animations resemble Zeraora. Zoroark’s moves allow it to dash around, and claw at the enemy.

Recommended Moves

  • Night Slash
  • Shadow Claw

As of October 27, the best moves to use on Zoroark are Night Slash and Shadow Claw. Night Slash is far stronger than its alternative upon the Pokemon’s initial release, and is bordering overpowered territory. Feint Attack itself isn’t the best move, making the decision to use Night Slash quite easy.

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Shadow Claw and Cut are both pretty decent. Cut provides more sustain, since it heals some damage, but Shadow Claw does a better job of chunking down opponents. And since Zoroark wants to burst down squishy opponents, Shadow Claw is currently the better of the two moves.

Pokemon Unite Zoroark held items

Recommended held items

  • Razor Claw
  • Muscle Band
  • Float Stone

Alternative held items

  • Scope Lens
  • Focus Band
  • Attack Weight

Zoroark plays relatively similar to Zeraora, which also includes the build path. In essence, take physical damage items alongside critical hit strike items to ensure Zoroark can pop the low health enemies.

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The recommended held items are Razor Claw, Muscle Band, and Float Stone. But honestly, feel free to mix and match with the alternative held items. Use which ever items feel right for you, as a player.

Take six brown emblems, and fill in the rest with whichever stat you deem best.

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