How to pre-register for Pokemon Unite on mobile & get Festival Pikachu skin

Alan Bernal
Timi Studio

Pokemon Unite is coming to mobile devices through the iOS App Store and Android’s Google Play market in September, and here’s how to pre-register so you’re ready to get in the game.

Having released on Nintendo Switch on July 21, TiMi Studios are looking to quickly expand the player base for their new MOBA with a pre-register goals for fans to work towards.

The bonus will scale depending on how many players sign up for Pokemon Unite on mobile before it’s highly-anticipated release date.

Here’s how to make sure you’re ready for the Unite launch and how to claim your pre-registration incentives ahead of its launch on iOS and Android.

Pre-register for Pokemon Unite iOS & Android

Ahead of Pokemon Unite’s September 22 release on Google Play, there’s a pretty simple process to make sure you’re pre-registered for Unite.

Once you find the game’s Play Store page, in place of where you see the ‘download’ there should be a ‘pre-register’ button. Click that and you should be registered for Pokemon Unite!

After you hit the button, you might see a window that asks you to ‘install when available.’ You don’t have to select that option, since you’ll still be pre-registered.

To pre-register on iOS devices, you can click here and the process should be pretty similar.

How to get Festival Pikachu skin in Pokemon Unite

Like we mentioned, TiMi has some incentives for players to jump onto the Pokemon Unite mobile hype train early one.

Timi Studio
5 million pre-registrants will unlock Festival Pikachu in Pokemon Unite.

As such, the Festival Pikachu skin will be free if a certain number of people successfully complete the pre-register process.

Pokemon Unite pre-register rewards:

  • 1 million pre-registrants: 1000 Aeos Tickets
  • 2.5 million pre-registrants: Pikachu’s Unite License
  • 5 million pre-registrants: Festival Style Pikachu

Players will have until October 31, 2021 to compete the log-in event for the mobile version of Pokemon Unite.

If you mostly play on Nintendo Switch, then make sure to link your Unite account to get your rewards on your preferred way to play.