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Powering up gyms in Pokemon Go is rendering them useless

Published: 9/Dec/2021 20:26

by Dylan Horetski


Niantic has added a power-up option to Pokestops and Gyms in Pokemon Go, but it isn’t quite going as planned. 

On December 8, Pokemon Go revealed the new ability to power up Pokestops and gyms by performing a set amount of AR scans on them. The feature offers three levels, with certain prizes unlocked for each level.

This new feature unlocks specific spawns, as well as provides three extra premier balls to players if they defeat a raid on a level three gym.

Less than 24 hours later, fans of the mobile game have been left frustrated as a bug in the game renders them completely useless after powering them up to level three.


AR mapping is breaking Pokemon Go gyms

As reported on the TheSilphRoad subreddit by falconsflyfast, he and a group of friends used the newly released power-up feature to get their local gym to level three.

Just after achieving their goal, the gym turned white and would not allow them to interact with it.

Power up Pokestop challenge made our gym unspinable from TheSilphRoad

With over 50 upvotes on his post, it’s easy to tell that the user is not alone with his issue.

Another user commented that they spent over 10 minutes trying to fix the issue when it happened to them. They even tried to completely close the app and reset it so they would have to log in again.


They also noticed that after they dealt with the issue, someone was able to take over the gym just hours later.

This isn’t the first time Pokemon Go players have dealt with issues in the game recently. On December 7, players reported that the Lure Box made available in the in-game shop was showing up with different prices for different trainers.

Hopefully, the AR Mapping bug is fixed soon, so players can enjoy every part of the game again.