Pokemon Unite PC release date: Everything we know

Brent Koepp
TiMi Studios / Microsoft / Valve

After launching on the Nintendo Switch first, the TiMi Studios MOBA is set to make its debut on iOS and Android in September 2021. Here is everything we know about when Pokemon Unite PC could also launch alongside the other platforms.

Pokemon Unite has so far been a major success since debuting on the Nintendo Switch in July. Mobile players antsy to hop into the free-top-play title will not have to wait much longer as the multiplayer releases on iOS and Android on September 22.

Trainers who prefer playing games on a computer may be left wondering when the MOBA is coming to desktop devices. Here is what we know about TiMi Studios’ plans to bring Pokemon Unite to PC.

Pokemon Unite Snorlax Yawn Ability
The Pokemon Company / TiMi Studios
When will PC players be able to jump into Pokemon Unite?

Pokemon Unite PC release date

When Pokemon Unite was first unveiled in 2020, the Chinese developer announced that the MOBA would actually launch first on the Nintendo Switch exclusively. The mobile version was then revealed to release a couple of months afterward on September 22, 2021.

Interestingly, PC devices were absent from TiMi Studio’s initial announcement of the team-based multiplayer. “Pokémon UNITE will release on July 21, 2021, for Nintendo Switch systems. It will become available in September 2021 on mobile devices,” the announcement read.

Unfortunately, neither Nintendo nor the developer has given an update on an official PC release date. For now, it appears that the free-to-play MOBA is only launching on the Switch, iOS, and Android.

How to play Pokemon Unite on PC

Pokemon Unite Android Play Store
Google Play Store
There are ways to play the mobile version on PC.

Even though Pokemon Unite has not been announced for PC officially, players will technically be able to play it on desktop starting September 22, 2021. With the title making its debut on mobile, there are workarounds to get the game on PC.

One of the more popular programs to do this is BlueStacks. The software emulates Android on desktop which will allow users to download Unite from the Google Play Store and boot it up on your computer set up.

Given the surprising popularity of Pokemon Unite on the Nintendo Switch, its release on iOS and Android should help explode its player base by making it available on multiple devices with crossplay options.

It would be shocking if the MOBA didn’t eventually come to PC in some sort of official fashion. It seems like a missed opportunity to not be on Steam or the Epic Games Store. Only time will tell though if TiMi Studios brings the multiplayer to desktop.