Pokemon trainers wowed by World Championship art on London cable cars

Philip Trahan
pokemon world championship london cable car eevee normal type header

The Pokemon World Championship 2022 event is finally underway and trainers are loving how London is celebrating the event.

The Pokemon World Championship 2022 began on August 18 in London, hosting thousands of fans and competitors from across the world.

The city of London is celebrating the event in style, with tons of custom artwork and signs to celebrate the event.

These decorations stunned trainers attending the World Championship in person as pictures of decorated cable cars and signs flooded social media.

Pokemon trainers love London’s World Championship decorations

Fans got a glimpse of the Emirates Royal Docks Cable cars thanks to the official Transport for London Twitter account.

The account showed an Eevee mascot standing next to one of the cable cars decorated with Normal-type theming.


As it turns out, each cable car has a specific themed decal, focusing on one type and popular Pokemon in that type.

For example, the Electric-type car features Pikachu, Emolga, Mareep, and Electrike while the Water-type car features Oshawott, Totodile, Mudkip, and Piplup among others.

A post on the Pokemon subreddit gained traction after posting pictures of the cars as well, with many fans loving the cute artwork.

According to user soustersouster, the boarding station even featured easter eggs referencing the Pokemon Games, as “Mt. Chimney was listed on the departure board.”

Additionally, the station featured fake Pokemon-related advertisements scattered around.

One of these fake advertisements parodying food delivery services showed everyone’s favorite sleeping giant Snorlax surrounded by berries, with text reading “Long day? Your favorites, delivered to your door.”

Another fake ad showed a gym membership for the “Master Dojo” featuring a training Kubfu.

All in all, it seems as though the Pokemon Company went all out for the Pokemon World Championship 2022 event.

Hopefully, those attending and watching from home get to enjoy some amazing Pokemon content this from August 18 through August 21.