Pokemon TCG Silver Tempest Lugia V Alternate Art leak card has fans drooling

Pokemon TCG Lugia V Alternate Art Card Leak Silver TempestThe Pokemon Company

Pokemon TCG players are looking forward to the release of the Silver Tempest expansion, and a sneak peek at the Lugia V Alternate Art card has many vowing to hunt it regardless of the cost.

Pokemon TCG fans are gearing up for the next Sword & Shield expansion, Silver Tempest, which will release on November 11, 2022. The card list will be one of the last for Sword & Shield before the TCG moves into Scarlet & Violet at the start of 2023.

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The Silver Tempest set has already caught the attention of fans following the release of the set’s art, which features Alolan Vulpix. Many are already eager to see which rare, alternate art, and secret rare art cards will be included in the card list.

To bolster this excitement, the leak of a Lugia V card has surfaced on the internet. Now Pokemon TCG fans are determined to get boosters, as it seems the cards within will be as stunningly beautiful as the Legendary Pokemon leak.

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Pokemon TCG Lugia V Alternate Art card is stunning

In a Twitter post shared by itspokeminh, players can get a high resolution look at the leaked Lugia card. The surface is etched with geometric patterns, and Lugia is depicted with its face shadowed as a storm rages in the background of the illustration.

Fans are in love with the Pokemon TCG leak, with RealReverberix shouting, “AM I SERIOUSLY ABOUT TO BUY CASES OF SILVER TEMPEST?!?! ABSO-FREAKING-LUTELY!!! THAT CARD IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!” and sevpokemon adding “Oh mah gawd. damn. although not gonna lie I still think the Giratina is more artistically intriguing because of how dazzling it is. But this is SO GOOD”.

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In addition to the Lugia V card being visually stunning, it is also a valuable pull for Pokemon TCG players. The attack “Read the Wind” lets players set up their hand, offering a “discard one to draw three” benefit. Meanwhile, “Aero Dive” may be costly at four Energy cards, but it allows players to deal 130 damage without skipping a turn, discarding Energy, or taking recoil damage.

Because the Silver Tempest set isn’t a special edition, players should have plenty of opportunities to pick up booster packs at local card shops and retail stores. However, it never hurts to be cautious, and those looking for Lugia V Alternate Art cards may want to consider pre-ordering booster boxes ahead of release.

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