Pokemon TCG player “won the lottery” with strange miscut card

Em Stonham
Eldegoss from Pokemon anime.

Some Pokemon card miscuts are stranger than others. One Pokemon TCG player took to social media lately to unveil a seriously odd miscut card from Fusion Strike.

Finding a miscut or misaligned Pokemon card is always an interesting day as a collector. Some of them can be very subtle, but others can look incredibly odd or out of place.

One Pokemon TCG player took to r/PokemonTCG recently to post a snap of a truly odd miscut card from the Pokemon Sword & Shield – Fusion Strike era, featuring a mash-up of Galarian Darmanitan and Eldegoss on the front.

Pokemon TCG collector finds odd miscut card

Originally popping up in this post, Pokemon TCG collector SkinInvestor shared a snap of a strange card from Sword & Shield – Fusion Strike. The card is a fairly literal interpretation of the word ‘fusion’, featuring two different cards spliced together.

The two Pokemon featured in this strange card are Galarian Darmanitan and Eldegoss. On their own, these cards wouldn’t be hugely valuable, but as some players in the replies pointed out, the extreme miscut makes them worth more than their original counterparts in most cases.

One player commented that they hoped “to get a sick miscut like this one day” and another joked that OP should try and find the player who held the opposite sides to both cards so they could be joined back up.

Funnily enough, one person in the replies thought that they’d already found one of the matching pieces. They declared that, “MY NEIGHBOR HAS THE MATCH TO ELDEGOSS, IT WAS ON THE RIGHT SIDE AND THE LEFT WAS A CHARJABUG. HE GOT IT FROM A FUSION STRIKE ETB”.

Lots of replies focused on how valuable this piece could potentially be, with plenty of folk encouraging SkinInvestor to post it in r/PokemonMisprints. Others told OP to put the card on eBay as there would likely be plenty of collectors who wanted this piece for themselves.

If you end up with a misprint like this and have the ability to get it graded, it’s almost always worth it. They make strange collector’s pieces but they’re also incredibly cool, especially when they’re so drastically miscut like the one SkinInvestor pulled.

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