Pokemon TCG players obsessed with “amazing” miscut card

Em Stonham
Ditto and Shiny Ditto from Pokemon anime.

Badly cut Pokemon cards can make for unique collectors pieces. One Pokemon TCG collector took to social media lately to share his “worst” cut card, much to the delight of other players.

Badly cut or misprinted Pokemon cards can hold a lot of value for collectors. While they may not seem valuable at a first glance, a genuine miscut is a unique piece that’s worth holding onto.

One Pokemon TCG collector took to r/PokemonTCG recently to share a card that he deemed his “worst cut card” so far with other card enthusiasts. It went down immensely well with fans, though, even picking up a few purchase offers in the process.

Pokemon TCG fans in love with miscut Ditto card

Popping up in a Reddit post, Pokemon TCG player Excellent_Phase9182 shared an image of a very miscut and off-center card with the caption “worst cut card I’ve gotten”, sharing in a later comment that it was not looking to sell the piece.

As pointed out by a keen-eyed reader in the comments, the card shown in the image does have an alignment dot in the bottom left hand corner. This is a big indicator that it’s a genuine miscut and can help increase value for collectors, too.

One Pokemon TCG fan in the comments corrected the original post, saying it’s actually the “best miscut” and another fan agreed, saying “Right?! Look at that little guyyy”.

Someone else pointed out that people would pay “top dollar” for a rare card like this. People did initially disagree with this comment but were corrected by a separate comment saying “PSA will grade it as a misprint since it has the alignment dots. People collect them and pay a premium because they are more rare.”

Other Pokemon TCG players even shared stories of their own miscut cards, with one person fondly describing their Leaf Energy card and how they keep it close for good luck.

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