Pokemon TCG player strikes gold with “insane” Paldean Fates pulls

Nathan Ellingsworth
A still from the Pokemon anime shows the Pokemon MewThe Pokemon Company

As the Pokemon TCG Paldean Fates is now out in the wild, fans are diving into the latest set, and as always some fans are proving to be much, much, luckier than others.

Pokemon TCG is a game of luck, and while there are plenty of ways to ensure you get the cards you want – like bagging yourself the Pokemon TCG Paldean Fates Premium Collection – a lot of the rarest cards are buried deep in the packs just hiding.

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It’s all part of the process, and anyone who has been playing for years has stories of great pulls, bad pulls, or spells of bad luck. If players are really lucky, then they might be able to say they’ve had a spell of good luck, and that’s exactly what this one Pokemon TCG fan can say.

One lucky Pokemon TCG player proudly shows off wild pulls

A Pokemon TCG player by the name of u/iElim has shared a post on Reddit, detailing their pulls from a few select Pokemon TCG Paldean Fates products.

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Alongside a picture with three of the Secret Rare Full Art Mews, and a Secret Rare Full Art Charizard, they comment saying “Girlfriend pulled the charizard from the first etb we opened together and pulled 2 mews from premium collections we opened together. I pulled 1 mew from our 2nd or 3rd etb.”

Fans are understandably jealous in the comments, as one person says, “nice, i got no GF and no pulls” before the person behind the original post replies, saying “Shes my good luck charm. I hand her packs she pulls gold.”

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Another comment underneath the post adds to the jealousy, saying “So lucky! I’m trying desperately to get a mew for my GF. It’s her chase card for sure.”

Then, another comment adds, “My luck is pulling Judge out of every single ETB. 5 of them. You want to pull a judge? Just let me open it and it’s guaranteed.”

This is a crazy amount of luck, and even when buying several products, it’s rare to see anyone pull so many of the top chase cards. If you want to try and grab some for yourself, though likely with much less luck, check out where to buy the Pokemon TCG Paldean Fates Elite Trainer Box.

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