Pokemon TCG player strikes gold with final Paldean Fates box

Em Stonham
Mew from Pokemon anime.

Sometimes, good pulls are simply meant to be. One Pokemon TCG player decided to pick up the last booster bundle box from their local store and ended up striking gold.

Booster bundles are a lot of fun to rip into as a Pokemon TCG player, but they don’t always guarantee good hits. If you’ve not opened one before, they’re boxes with 6 different booster packs inside and they’ve been especially popular during the Scarlet & Violet card era.

One Pokemon TCG player decided to take a gamble and pick up the last booster bundle in their local Gamestop – managing to strike absolute gold in the process.

Pokemon TCG fan picks up incredible Paldean Fates box

Originally popping up in this post Reddit here, Pokemon TCG player Chxrred took to r/PokemonTCG to display their incredible Paldean Fates booster bundle haul. They noted how it was the last booster bundle in Gamestop and referred to their pulls as “insanely lucky”.

It’s true – the cards shown in the picture are some of the most popular pulls in the Paldean Fates set, especially the Mew ex which is affectionately referred to as “bubble Mew”. The current resell price for this card is around $80-90, depending on grading, quality, and site.

Other Pokemon TCG players in the replies congratulated Chxrred on their luck and great pulls, with one person saying, “I’m so jealous, I’m only buying paldean fates here and there purely for the chance of getting bubble mew haha”.

Some folk in the replies shared their own luck with the booster bundle boxes. One player congratulated Chxrred and said “I bought one of these today and got two baby shinys and a Pawmi… not nothing but definitely not this!”

This post kickstarted a debate on batching and pull rates, too. One player in the replies called the card distribution in Paldean Fates “obnoxious” and noted that they’d opened 60 packs without finding anything new for a good while.

Another player commented that they’d seen “seen people either pull barely anything or like a motherload” with Paldean Fates. Other Pokemon fans in the replies assured this user that it was just a case of luck or random chance.

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