Pokemon Sword & Shield trainer ends 2,000 unlucky egg streak with rare Shiny Pokemon

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Pokemon Sword & Shield

A Pokemon Sword & Shield trainer has finally broken their dry streak and hatched themselves a Shiny after going through over 2,000 eggs in total.

As with any Pokemon game throughout the franchise’s long history, a significant goal for a lot of trainers in Sword & Shield is picking up their first Shiny. For some players, this encounter will come while they’re playing casually without them having to put in any effort.

Unfortunately, for others, the process of obtaining a Shiny Pokemon can be an incredibly tedious grind. At the end of the day, catching a Shiny is a game of odds and for some trainers, it can feel like a lifetime before they finally strike gold.

However, when they do eventually hatch or find a Shiny, it’s an incredibly exciting moment for a player as all their hard work has finally paid off. In the case of one trainer on Reddit, this was especially true as it took over 2,000 eggs to finally get one.

Sword & Shield egg
Finding a Shiny is a game of odds in Sword & Shield.

Trainer ends unlucky egg streak with Shiny Pokemon

It’s always great to see someone rewarded for their hard work on Sword & Shield after a long unlucky streak. Luckily for thevictorrobert, the reward finally arrived after they had hatched over 2,000 eggs in-game.

To put it into perspective, the standard drop-rate for Shiny out of an egg with the Shiny Charm is 1 in 512. So it’s fair to say thevictorrobert was on an incredibly long dry streak that would have put most players off the game completely.

However, as shown in their Reddit thread, the trainer was finally awarded Shiny Riolu for all their hard work.

It’s difficult to imagine what it must have been like to see that Shiny after putting in so much work and going so far past the hatch rate. A number of commenter’s in the thread were stunned at how long it took the player to get the Shiny compared to their own experience:

“I’m still at 500 and I was complaining because I hadn’t got it till now but 2k.” Another player even took the time to congratulate the trainer after they put in so much effort, adding “congrats!! Shiny Riolu is the best!”

Overall, it’s just great to see such a dedicated player finally rewarded for all the time they’ve put into the game. Hopefully, the next time they go for a Shiny, the odds are a little more in their favor.

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