Pokemon Sword & Shield Secrets of the Jungle Raid event – date & time, rewards

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Screenshot of Pokemon Sword & Shield raid with Secrets of the Jungle logo.

Pokemon Sword & Shield is getting an in-game event to celebrate the upcoming Secrets of the Jungle film. The limited time Cramorant Max Raid will offer up several rewards.

While already released in Japan, The Pokemon Company is gearing up to release the upcoming Secrets of the Jungle film in the West in 2021.

As a tie-in, Sword & Shield players will get to participate in a special Max Raid with prizes. Here is everything you need to know about the event.

Screenshot of Ash Ketchum and Pikachu in Pokemon Secrets of the Jungle movie.
Sword & Shield will honor the 23rd Pokemon film, featuring Ash Ketchum.

Pokemon Sword & Shield Secrets of the Jungle Raid date & start time

The special in-game raid event will officially kick off on Wednesday, February 4 and run until Monday, February 8. Players will simply need to log in during the four day period, and take a level 100 Cramorant.

While not rare, the Gen 8 ‘mon will act as a special boss similar to Mewtwo and Zeraora raids in the past. Game Freak will keep a total tally of how many players in the Nintendo Switch title have beaten it.

Depending on how many times the community takes down the bird, each Trainer will receive a special gift from a range of items. Below we will go over the target goals and the rewards.

Cramorant in Pokemon Sword & Shield.
Players will take on a level 100 Cramorant during the Secrets of the Jungle raid event.

Pokemon Sword & Shield Secrets of the Jungle Raid rewards

  • If 500,000 players beat it: Flame Orb, Toxic Orb, and Light Ball
  • 1,000,000 players: Gold Bottle Cap, three Bottle Caps, and three Pearl Strings

Many players participating in the event will no doubt be eyeing the Gold Bottle Cap. The elusive item allows Trainers to max out their level 100 Pokemon IVs using the Hyper Training at the Battle Tower in Wyndon.

In particular, those who Shiny hunt might have an incredible Legendary whose stats aren’t so hot. The reward will boost those values and get it in tip top shape.

Screenshot of Pokemon Sword & Shield battle tower.
Golden Bottle Caps can be used to max out IVs in the Battle Tower.

While some players may be let down by the lack of a Legendary, the items rewarded are actually quite good. Still, the in-game event would have been sweeter if it included the film’s protagonist Pokemon, Zarude.

Sword & Shield got its final DLC expansion, The Crown Tundra, in October 2020. As the series heads towards its 25th anniversary this  year, it’s unclear if the Galar region will get further updates, making this event all the more special.

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