Viral Pokemon map has Sword & Shield players questioning Galar region

Published: 28/Jan/2021 22:29

by Brent Koepp


A Pokemon fan’s artwork that reimagines Black & White’s map in the same style as Sword & Shield has players questioning the Galar region’s design.

Despite releasing over a decade ago, Pokemon Black & White has become wildly popular with players in the past few years. The Gen V title is now considered a classic in the long-running Game Freak series.

A fan’s recreation of Unova region’s map in the same style as 2019’s Sword & Shield has some in the community questioning whether Gen 8’s world was really big enough.

Screenshot of Pokemon Sword & Shield Wild Area.
Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
A viral Unova map has Sword & Shield fans asking if Galar was big enough in Gen 8.

Viral Unova Pokemon map sparks Sword & Shield debate

Popular artist ‘EliteRobo‘ went viral after posting their stunning concept to the r/PokemonSwordAndShield subreddit, and showed the community what the Unova Region’s world layout would look like using Gen 8’s art style.

The custom map highlighted the stark difference between the 2010 and 2019 title, as Sword & Shield opted for a more linear pathway that goes up and down.

Gen V in comparison is more circular and has players zig-zagging across various directions. The contrast between the two titles quickly sparked a debate among fans.

I remade the Unova Map in Sword and Shield Style from PokemonSwordAndShield

Many players were stunned by the differences, such as a user who wrote “With this, you can understand how Galar map is smaller and less detailed”. Others agreed, with another fan exclaiming “Makes me realize how small the Gen 8 map is in comparison to previous games”.

Screenshot of Pokemon players reacting to Unova Sword & Shield crossover map.

While many were critical of Sword & Shield’s world design, several players defended the Nintendo Switch title, arguing that it’s bigger than it looks on paper. “The gen 8 map isn’t really that small though. There just aren’t a lot of routes pretty much half of it is made up of the Wild area when excluding the DLC,” someone else said.

Screenshot of Pokemon reacting to viral Unova concept.

Although the top-down map view doesn’t entirely capture the depth of each title’s world, the artist’s concept gives us an interesting look at the direction Game Freak went with Sword & Shield.

Criticism aside, the Gen 8 RPG has been a major hit sales-wise. In 2020 reports, it was revealed that the Nintendo Switch release is on track to become the second best-selling game in the Pokemon franchise.


Shroud reveals the Valorant Agents he’d main in pro play

Published: 24/Feb/2021 6:32

by Brad Norton


Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek might not be a professional gamer today, but if the FPS veteran was to finally dip his toes in the competitive Valorant scene, here’s which Agent he’d be playing on the journey.

Despite stepping away from Cloud9 and pro-level Counter-Strike in 2017, shroud’s skills haven’t deteriorated whatsoever. His extraordinary aim is what draws tens of thousands to his Twitch streams every day without fail.

Riot’s tactical FPS has been a staple in shroud’s rotation since its release. While he’s climbed the ranks and kept a close eye on the competitive scene, he has no interest in joining a professional team.

That hasn’t stopped fans envisioning the former C9 fave at the pro level.

“If you were to go pro in [Valorant], who would you main?” a viewer asked during a recent Twitch stream. Almost instantly, shroud had a rough idea in mind if he was to commit the time to a career in Valorant.

“Probably someone simple, so my brain doesn’t have to work as hard,” he explained. This means Duelists are a top priority in shroud’s eyes. While he has plenty of game time with other Agent types, Duelists would be his focus. 

“Jett, Reyna… Phoenix would be a fun main,” he said.

All three Agents focus on individual play for the most part. While Jett has her brief smokes and the others can help take sites, these characters would allow shroud to ‘pop off’ without having to worry too much about the deeper strategy.

Duelists are designed for those who want to frag, opposed to those who set up plays, enable their team, and out-think the enemy. Naturally, if shroud was to go pro, he’d be honing in on montage moments while topping the scoreboard.

There was one Agent that broke this trend for the former CS pro, however. “Skye is really fun,” he added. “I wouldn’t mind playing Skye.”

So while the door is shut on a competitive return for now, we have a good idea of how shroud would be trying to fit on a pro team.