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[LIVE] Pokemon Sword and Shield 24 hour livestream – Reveals and updates

Published: 4/Oct/2019 13:45 Updated: 5/Oct/2019 19:46

by Paul Cot


The Pokemon Sword and Shield livestream from Glimwood Tangle, a strange forest area within the Galar region, is live now – stay tuned for live updates revealing more details about the game.

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Live updates from Glimwood Tangle

09:04 EDT: Pikachu has appeared! What does this mean, though?

Pokemon CompanyPikachu was the first Pokemon to appear…

09:10 EDT: Morelull has appeared in the background – presumably this is conformation the dual grass and fairy-type will be in the game.

09:40 EDT: A Pokemon cry has been identified as Phantump by some astute Pokemon trainers on Twitter.

10:45 EDT: Nothing to report in just over an hour. Something big to come soon?

10:50 EDT: Phantump has now been seen in the stream.


11:04 EDT: Other sounds have also been heard during the course of the last two hours including what sounds like a horse galloping.

11:28 EDT: Impidimp casually walks past

Pokemon CompanyImpidimp has made another appearance in Pokemon Sword and Shield…
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11:46 EDT: A new white Pokemon appears in the top right hand of the screen. Some are speculating it is a horse. Will we get more details by the end of the stream?

12:41 EDT: Cottonee was seen floating across the screen.

13:46 EDT: It’s been a quiet hour in Glimwood Tangle so here is Furret that has been spotted (not real!).

17:00 EDT: We begin to get a glimpse of the aforementioned white-horse Pokemon but Impidimp walks across just at the wrong moment. Many are speculating it’s a Galarian form of Ponyta.


19:35 EDT: The white-horse has galloped past close to the camera. While it was blurry, it does indeed look like Ponyta.

22:48 EDT: The mysterious white-horse has now walked up to the camera revealing a little more detail. Is it a Galarian Ponyta or something more?!

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08:45 EDT: Not as much activity as we hoped and then out of nowhere Pikachu scares us. Just 15 minutes to go…

09:00 EDT: A big reveal was expected and while it wasn’t a starter evolution, we did get a cute shot of two (supposedly) Galarian Ponyta.

Pokemon CompanyWe think these Galarian Ponyta will be very popular…

The 24 hour livestream has now finished.

Surely more details?

The stream was announced on September 27 from the official Pokemon Twitter account: “Sonia needs your help, Trainers! She’ll be setting up a live camera and conducting some Pokémon observation research in Glimwood Tangle, a strange forest area in the Galar region.”


The stream, which can be watched below, will supposedly be live until October 5, 6am PDT (9am EDT and 2pm BST). It is being broadcast live on the Pokemon Twitch account.

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With Pokemon Sword and Shield just over a month away from release, and the week long build up put into the livestream, we can surely expect some interesting new details about the new generation 8 game.

A 24 hour livestream from within a game that has yet to be released is certainly an interesting concept, previously seen in the build up to Fallout 76. You’ll have to watch live to see just how frequent the information is. At the moment it is looking like every 10 minutes or so.


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