Pokemon Sword and Shield Galarian forms and rivals revealed in new trailer

Paul Cot

More Pokemon Sword and Shield details have been revealed ahead of the much anticipated November 15 release, and fans have certainly got a lot to dig through. 

The official Pokemon Twitter account announced new Pokemon Sword and Shield information would be coming on August 7, 6am PDT and they didn’t disappoint.

Revealed in a two minute long video on the official Pokemon YouTube channel, several Galarian forms of Pokemon were shared as well as two new rivals and a troublesome group.

Galarian forms

Similar to the Alolan region, it had been suspected that the Galar region would produce its own forms of Pokemon – which we now know are called Galarian forms.

Pokemon CompanyWeezing is very Galarian like…


The first to be revealed was Galarian Weezing which looks like a super exaggerated English person from yesteryear. Its green smog creates a moustache and beard for each of its heads. A chimney-esque top hat with smoke coming out finishes off the unique looking Pokemon.

Its type is poison (obviously) and fairy with one of its revealed abilities as levitate.

Pokemon CompanyObstagoon is a brand new Pokemon in the Galar region…

Zigzagoon, Linoone and Obstagoon

The tiny raccoon Pokemon is also getting the Galarian treatment. It looks similar to its original form but is colored differently.

Its new form becomes a dual normal and dark type and has the abilities pick up and gluttony. Linoone also has a Galarian form and share the same type and abilities as Zigzagoon.

The big news from this evolution line is the brand new Pokemon Obstagoon though – an evolved form of Linoone. The menacing looking raccoon has the abilities reckless and guts.

Morpeko – Full Belly and Hangry Mode

Morpeko is a form changing Pokemon. Its Full Belly mode looks friendly and unassuming but its other form, Hangry Mode, looks a lot less friendly to say the least.

Its aura wheel move changes from electric in its Full Belly mode, to a dark-type move in Hangry Mode.

Pokemon CompanyMarnie (right) and Bede are two new rivals to compete against in Pokemon Sword and Shield…

New rivals to compete against

In addition to Hop, new rivals Bede and Marnie were revealed.

Marnie though, is a popular figure in the Galar region and brings wild fans wherever she goes. These fans are called Team Yell and were revealed in a previous leak which is looking increasingly accurate as time goes on.

According to that leak Team Yell, while troublesome, are well meaning – so very different to Team Rocket!

There will surely be new Pokemon Sword and Shield information revealed as the November 15 approaches, so keep your eyes peeled.