Pokemon Go director eager to bring more Galar content to the game

Philip Trahan
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Pokemon Go’s director has stated that developer Niantic is “itching” to release more monsters from the Galar, the game’s least represented region.

The mobile game, Pokemon Go, has a massive roster of monsters that trainers can go out and catch, but it hasn’t completely caught up with the mainline series.

In particular, one of the biggest gaps in the mobile game’s Pokedex surrounds Generation 8’s Galar region. Compared to every other Generation, Galar is by far the least represented region in Pokemon Go.

However, it seems that Niantic is keen to rectify this situation, as the company’s Director Michael Steranka confirmed in a recent interview with Dot Esports.

When asked when fans could expect more Galar Pokemon to come to the mobile game, Steranka said, “We want to find the right moments and opportunities that make sense for individual Pokémon. But, as you can imagine, it’s been a while.”

Galarian Ponyta Limited Research

While the director did not give a firm date on when the next Galarian Pokemon would make its way to Pokemon Go, he said, “It’s something we’re itching to get out there and get into player’s hands. Stay tuned.”

For those who may not know, there are only 13 Pokemon from the Galar region in Pokemon Go, along with 15 Galarian forms. This makes it the least represented region in the game by a wide margin.

The lack of Galarian monsters in Pokemon Go is not something that’s slipped under the radar of the game’s community, as many fans have expressed confusion at the lackluster representation for years.

Considering many Gen 9 Pokemon were quick to come to the mobile game following Scarlet & Violet’s release, it made Gen 8’s lack of representation the more conspicuous.

The interview also touched on the lack of new wild spawns throughout 2024, which Steranka acknowledged and noted that Niantic was aware of the community’s feedback.

Thankfully, it seems that 2024 may be the year fans finally see more Galarian monsters in Pokemon Go if Steranka’s comments are anything to go off of.