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Pokemon Sword and Shield The Crown Tundra details leaked ahead of time

Published: 25/Jun/2020 18:50

by Paul Cot


The Isle of Armor DLC has released in Pokemon Sword and Shield but that inadvertently appears to have led to details being leaked about the Crown Tundra expansion ahead of time.

The second DLC isn’t due to release until the Fall of 2020 but some clever trainers have managed to extract some fascinating information. Now, before we continue there are a couple of warnings:

  • This information is absolutely not confirmed and may well change before the Crown Tundra releases
  • This leak does contain spoilers

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Returning Pokemon

Let’s start with the Pokemon that will be finally returning in the Crown Tundra. In total there will be an additional 119 returning species.

Among them are a lot of Legendaries too, which is safe to say trainers will be delighted about. They include Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres (presumably in their Galarian forms), Lugia, Ho-Oh, Palkia, Dialga, Giratina, Celesteela and even Gen 7’s Ultra Beasts.


Other notable additions include the Dratini line, Bagon line, Gible line and the Gen 3 starters. Trainers are going to be spoilt for choice!

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Crown Tundra Returning Pokemon
Twitter: abcboy101
That’s an amazing collection of Pokemon returning in the Crown Tundra DLC…

Fly locations

Elsewhere, it looks like somebody made the mistake of including the Crown Tundra fly locations in the Isle of Armor DLC. You can see various locations on the map where you can fly to but obviously they don’t exist – at least not right now.

The Crown Tundra will be situated in the south of the Galar region and will presumably be attached to it. That’s what the fly locations suggest, anyway.

Of course, if you try to fly there the game crashes. This is hardly surprising, though. Fly locations are one thing but leaving the Expansion Pass in there by mistake would be something else entirely.


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Crown Tundra is more story-based

While the Isle of Armor was seemingly about capturing Pokemon, it looks the Crown Tundra will be much more story focused. Already titles for what appears to be four chapters have been found within Pokemon Sword and Shield’s expansion pass.

They are:

  • A Legendary Tree of a Legendary Three
  • The Terrible Titans… Lurking Locked Away
  • They Came from The Ultra Beyond!
  • The Sacred Bonds of Sovereign and Steed!

What these interesting titles will entail only time will reveal. One of them even hints at hunting the Ultra Beasts which we alluded to above, too.

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Kubfu is the Legendary Pokemon that features in the Isle of Armor and it looks like Calyrex, albeit Mythical, is the Crown Tundra’s equivalent. Much like Kubfu, it looks Calyrex will be able to evolve into one of two forms.


The DLC code suggests there are two new Pokemon that will work similarly to Single Strike and Rapid Strike Urshifu. This would be fascinating if true as the only Mythical Pokemon that is capable of evolving across the National Pokedex is Meltan.

Calyrex Evolution
Code suggests the Mythical Calyrex could have an evolution!

That’s a lot of information to digest but we’d recommend tempering that excitement – Pokemon Sword and Shield The Crown Tundra is still several months away.