Pokemon Scarlet & Violet trainer shares helpful Tera Raid item trick

Philip Trahan
pokemon scarlet violet black tera crystal berries

A Pokemon Scarlet & Violet trainer shared a helpful tip surrounding Tera Raid battles and held items that players should keep in mind ahead of the 7-Star Delphox raid.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s Tera Raid battles are some of the most challenging elements of the series, and can oftentimes require trainers to use every option at their disposal.

Though many trainers often equip their Pokemon with Held Items, sometimes straying away from classic options like the Leftovers or the Focus Sash can be beneficial.

Now, one Pokemon Scarlet & Violet trainer has shared a handy Held Item trick revolving around Berries, which may help out with the upcoming 7-Star Delphox Tera Raid.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet trainer gives handy Berry tip

The tip comes from the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet subreddit, where a user named mirrorherb wrote an in-depth PSA about a very handy exploit when using Berries in Tera Raids.

The crux of the exploit revolves around the Tera Raid target, the moves it knows, and what Berry one’s Pokemon is holding.

For example, say a 7-Star Rock Tera-type Chesnaught is fighting a Gholdengo. The 7-Star Chesnaught knows the move Earthquake, which Gholdengo is weak to. If a trainer gave Gholdengo a Shuca Berry to hold, which halves the damage taken from a super effective Ground-type move, the Chesnaught is actually much less likely to use Earthquake at all because of the Shuca Berry.

According to another Reddit user who put forth an explanation on why this happens: “It seems to be based on damage calculation. The computer sees the Berry and doesn’t understand that the super effective move will get more powerful after breaking the berry…”

Now, this doesn’t mean a Tera Raid target will never use a super-effective move if the correct Berry is held. — it seems the chance is only mitigated.

Still, this exploit could prove incredibly useful for adding some longevity to Tera Raids, especially when a Tera Raid Pokemon has a variety of different moves at its disposal.

Hopefully, trainers can gather some Occa, Payapa, and Roseli Berries ahead of the Delphox Tera Raid to minimize the damage the Fox Pokemon can do.