Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players call for Tera Raid fix after issues

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Because of matchmaking issues, Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players are calling for developers to release a Tera Raid fix.

Tera Raid event battles offer players a chance to fight formidable boss characters to unlock rare rewards. While some like taking on these challenges solo, joining up to three other Trainers is never a bad idea.

Unfortunately, Scarlet and Violet’s matchmaking system isn’t always up to par, meaning joining friends or randoms can often prove challenging.

According to a few Reddit users, this very issue is plaguing their enjoyment of the title’s latest Tera Raid event.

Matchmaking troubles disrupt Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Tera Raid

Redditor SatyrAngel earlier reported encountering issues when trying to join a Scarlet & Violet Tera Raid. Apparently, they’d been battling the problem for at least an hour, before resigning themselves to playing the event solo.

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This player isn’t the only one locked out, based on responses in the thread. Meanwhile, comments from others note that “joining Raids [has] been horrible since launch.”

“It definitely needs an update,” another user agreed. To add insult to injury, one person pointed out how Switch owners pay Nintendo a monthly fee to engage with content like Raids, only for matchmaking to falter at inopportune times.

While Game Freak has not yet issued a proper patch to solve the Tera Raid error, Pokemon Scarlet & Violet users have found a rudimentary fix.

Several people in the Reddit thread advised the original poster and others to simply keep refreshing. Wrote one helpful player, “keep trying to join the one you want, it’s just searching for anyone hosting that mon and type… if someone else hosts it while you’re searching, you get in that new room instantly.”

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Constantly refreshing the matchmaking screen isn’t the most elegant way of doing things, yet it seems the best option for now.