Pokemon Go players want Raids to be more like Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s


Raids have been a staple mechanic in Pokemon Go for several years and are the main reason many players continue to catch, train, and battle, but trainers are starting to wish Raids were more like Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

Pokemon Go introduced Raids in 2017; for the most part, they haven’t changed much since their first iteration. Up to 20 trainers choose six Pokemon each to battle together against an immensely powerful foe.

Raids later became one of the only ways to Legendaries in Pokemon Go and Mega Energy for Megaevolutions. And in 2020, Niantic introduced Remote Raids, allowing players to team up no matter where they’re located.

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But with Remote Raids now locked behind a paywall and trainers struggling to find local communities to Raid with, players are starting to wish Niantic would make Pokemon Go Raids more like Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Tera Raids.

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Pokemon Go players want to solo raids

While Raids are a great way to play with friends in Pokemon Go, many players are frustrated by their difficulty. While one- to three-star Raids can be beaten alone, bringing seven or more trainers to four-star raids and higher is mandatory for success.

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This has got under the skin of some Pokemon Go players who don’t have access to a local community. Reddit user ighorlobianco stated, “I see so many raids I can’t do it for lack of ppl/community, if it was possible to solo, I would five a lot more money to Niantic.” In the caption of their post, the question was asked, “If raids were soloable, but with fewer rewards, would you do more raids?”

The overwhelming majority of users replied to the post with a “yes.” Many players also shared a similar stance in that they were only concerned with the Pokemon, Candy, and Mega Energy – the rest of the rewards could go.

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This contrasts Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s Tera Raids. While still offering a great challenge, skilled players can train up the right Pokemon to take them solo. This is rarely – if ever – an option in Pokemon Go’s hardest Raids.

While Scarlet & Violet players receive a fair bit of rewards for taking down Raid bosses, Pokemon Go players are willing to give their rewards up for soloable four- and five-star Raids.